Lego Architecture Taj Mahal 21056, New 2021 (2022 Pieces)

Lego 21056 Architecture Taj Mahal Building Set, An Engaging Lego Building Project; New 2021

Lego Architecture Taj Mahal is a scale model that is sure to wow people wherever it is displayed. This inspiring, hands-on challenge will let you recreate a symbol of eternal love and architectural wonder of the world in Lego style. Lego Taj Mahal 20156 revel in authentic details the tombs of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan, the central chamber with 2 cenotaphs, monumental iwans, main dome, 4 chhatris, and 4 slender minarets.

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The taj mahal is one of the most iconic architectures of Indian history and culture. The set is a sophisticated replication of its grandeur for architecture enthusiasts and brick lovers alike. Taj mahal set is 2022 pieces and intended for experienced Lego builders. Colors are sort of cream-white, some terra cotta red and saturated beige with a dash of gold right at the top of the domes.

Lego has done a fantastic job creating this stunning architectural set and its details. The tile floor is mesmerizing. The minarets and the smaller domes frame the main building really well, once it is all put together. Overall, the essential details are replicated finely in the 5 domes. The railing across the roof, the hatched windows, and the arched entryways, making it a superb portrait of the Taj Mahal. For the Lego builder, it should take around 2-3 hours, depending on your experience with Lego building sets.
Lego Architecture Taj Mahal - Man with the built model
Honestly to speak about the pros of this set – it is a fun and engaging build. And it does not take too long to complete. It is a great and elegant-looking display piece, once finished (Dimensions: 8″H x 10″L x 10″W). It beautifully captures a portrait of the iconic Taj Mahal.

It makes an inspirational gift for Lego fans and anyone in your life who is passionate about the Taj Mahal in India.
Lego Architecture Taj Mahal - Full model view
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Lego Architecture Taj Mahal – Features and Highlights

• The ultimate architectural expression of love
• This stunning build-and-display model is for expert Lego fans and history enthusiasts
• Recreate the elegant iconic architecture model of the Taj Mahal
• Essential details of the Taj Mahal are replicated finely in domes, railings, windows, and arched entryways
• The domes and chhatris are simple to detach
• The Lego set will make a very special gift for creative friends
• This 2,022 pieces construction set lets you immerse in the pleasure of a complex build
• Many parts are small and delicate, requiring a certain level of care and finesse
• Intended for experienced Lego builders. Recommended age 17 years and up
• Upon completion, you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and have a real sense of achievement
• This buildable architectural model makes an impressive display piece for your home or office

Last update was on: June 9, 2024 10:38 am