Lego Avengers Truck Takedown

Lego Marvel Avengers Truck Takedown 76143 Captain America and Hawkeye Superhero Action Pack (477 Pieces)

Lego Avengers Truck Takedown building set comes with 4 LEGO minifigures, 3 of them new-for-January- 2020. The superhero action set includes awesome Avengers truck, motor-trike, armed drone and lots of stud-shooting weaponry.

Captain America and Hawkeye’s LEGO Avengers truck is ambushed by 2 bad guys on a motor-trike with a drone. Stud bullets fly as 2 bad guys swerve their trike in front of the Avengers’ truck then launch an attack with a drone. Time to reveal the truck’s secret! Kids will love opening the truck to reveal the secret weapon… a huge 6-shot crossbow!

The Lego Avengers Truck Takedown set includes two instruction booklets and 477 pieces to build the truck, AIM motor-trike, Drone, and accessories. Also included are minifigures of Captain America, Hawkeye, and 2 AIM agents, three of which are new for 2020. In general takes about 45 minutes of build time. The finished product is a fun little “battle wagon”; the opening in the truck that allows the hidden six-shot crossbow to open is sturdy but still easy to open, and the crossbow is very nicely tucked in.

It’s an ambush! You’ll need your superhero skills to help Captain America and Hawkeye when their truck’s attacked by AIM Agents. Stud bullets fly as the bad guys’ monster trike swerves in front of the Avengers’ truck. They launch an armed drone and start shooting from the sky. Time to reveal your secret weapon. Split open the truck to reveal.

This buildable LEGO Marvel Avengers toy will inspire endless imaginative fun. Give kids the hot toys they love! With awesome vehicles, mechs, buildings, minifigures, weapons and gadgets, LEGO Marvel Avengers sets are great for fans of the movies.

Warning: Make sure the younger users keep the launching projectiles pointed away from the eyes.

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Product Features & Highlights

• Bring Captain America and Hawkeye Minifigure action to your young superhero!
• Superheroes, cool vehicles, awesome weaponry and all the action kids love in 1 LEGO Avengers set.
• Kids can create epic superhero battle scenes! Fans can use this playset in an endless variety of ways.
• It’s an ambush! When the Marvel Avengers truck is trapped by 2 AIM Agents, kids must help Captain America and Hawkeye fight their way out.
• Kids press the lever to reveal the secret weapon, and the huge 6-shot crossbow swings into place, studs shoot out as kids turn the crossbow.
• Because it’s battery-free, the fun never ends! Kids enjoy hands-on play that develops their imagination.
• Get kids building and playing straight away with simple, clear instructions.
• Truck is over 17cm long and 11cm high with its stud shooter deployed.
• Includes 477 pieces, 4 minifigures including 3 new minifigures (Captain America, Hawkeye and 2 AIM Agents), a motor-trike, a drone and an Avengers truck (with its hidden weapon!).
• Lego 76143 is an action-filled holiday, birthday or anyday gift for kids ages 7+ who love Captain America, Hawkeye, Marvel Avengers and superheroes.
• Kids can either jump straight in and assemble the easy-to-build set, or use the simple instructions to get started.
• Measuring over 6” long and 4” high with its stud shooter deployed, the Avengers Truck provides kids with large-scale superhero fun.
• Lego Avengers Truck Takedown ensures Lego bricks are consistent, compatible and always connect and pull apart perfectly
• Lego 76143 is great for both play and display.