Lego Beach Camper Van | Lego 31138

Lego 31138 Beach Camper Van – Fun at the Beach with 3-in-1 Building Set

The Lego Beach Camper Van is a fantastic 3-in-1 building toy set designed for kids aged 8 and above to enjoy endless beach adventures. Featuring a camper van, summerhouse, and ice cream shop, this set offers versatile play options. Kids can let their imagination run wild as they build and play with the camper van, complete with a kitchen, bedroom, and removable roof.

The set also includes male and female Lego minifigures, adding to the fun of storytelling and role-playing. With 556 pieces and intuitive building instructions, children can immerse themselves in creating different beach scenes and enjoy a digital building experience with the Lego Builder app. This impressive playset not only provides hours of fun but also makes for a great display in kids’ bedrooms.

Design and Quality

The Lego Creator Beach Camper Van showcases high-quality design and construction, a hallmark of the Lego brand. The camper van is intricately designed with an interior kitchen, bedroom, opening side door, and rotating wheels for a realistic play experience. Additionally, the set includes beach cabins, a palm tree, and deckchairs, all rendered in vibrant, sturdy Lego bricks that ensure long-lasting play. The set can be transformed into a detailed two-story summerhouse or an inviting ice-cream shop, enhancing its play value and longevity.
Playtime in the sunshine with Lego Beach Camper Van

Features and Functionality


– 3-in-1 buildable set including a camper van, summerhouse, and ice-cream shop
– Lego Beach Camper Van includes male and female Lego minifigures for storytelling
– Camper van features a kitchen, bedroom, removable roof, and opening side door
– Multiple buildable beach scenes for diverse storytelling options
– Includes a variety of accessories such as surfboards, ice cream, a boombox, and an albatross
– Compatible with the Lego Builder app for 3D building experiences
– High-quality Lego bricks that meet global safety standards
– Includes beach huts, a palm tree, and deckchairs for added scenery
– Engages children in imaginative play and enhances their creativity
– Perfect gift for Lego enthusiasts aged 8 and above


The Lego Beach Camper Van offers an engaging and interactive play experience. The campervan, with its various compartments and movable parts, provides children with realistic scenarios for role-play. The ability to rebuild the set into different scenes adds to its functionality, providing children with diverse play options and endless possibilities. The inclusion of the Lego Builder app further enhances the play experience, allowing kids to view and interact with their creations in 3D, thus fostering their spatial thinking skills.
Accessible building instructions for Lego Beach Camper Van through the Lego Builder app

Pros and Cons
of the Lego Beach Camper Van


– Versatile 3-in-1 building options for extended playability
– Detailed and realistic designs for immersive storytelling
– Interactive minifigures enhance role-playing opportunities
– Lego Beach Camper Van includes interactive & movable parts
– Accessible building instructions through the Lego Builder app
– Helps develop motor skills and creativity
– Durable and high-quality Lego bricks for long-lasting enjoyment


– Large number of pieces may require adult assistance for younger builders
– Complex designs may pose a challenge for beginners
Lego Beach Camper Van with 3 buildable models for beach action


Q: How many building options does the Lego 31138 Beach Camper Van provide?
A: This Lego set offers 3 different building options – a camper van, a summerhouse, and an ice-cream shop.

Q: Can the Lego Beach Camper Van be used with the Lego Builder app?
A: Yes, kids can download the Lego Builder app for a fun digital experience. They can zoom in, rotate their models in 3D, save their progress, and track their achievements.

Q: What are some of the accessories included in the Lego Beach Camper Van set?
A: The set comes with a variety of accessories including 2 brick-built surfboards, a boombox, an albatross, a pair of chaise lounges, and 2 Lego minifigures.

Q: Are there any interactive features in the Lego Beach Camper Van?
A: Yes, the toy camper van has a kitchen, bedroom, removable roof, opening side door, and rotating wheels. The summerhouse and ice cream shop also have fun details like a terrace, tables, and a beach buggy.
Lego Beach Camper Van includes 2 minifigures: a male and a female

User Experiences and Testimonials

The Lego Beach Camper Van is a hit with all ages, offering 3 fun builds with delightful details. From the easy assembly to the joy of repairing accidental drops, this set has won over both experienced and new builders. Its versatility and attention to finishing touches make it well worth the cost, with the camper van, beach huts, and other models all providing top-notch playability. The inclusion of a brick separator was a thoughtful touch appreciated by many, aiding in deconstruction and rebuilding.

Despite the higher price, the set’s value is evident, especially with the superior crab build and the opportunity to create beach scenes. Even those who didn’t plan to purchase it found themselves won over, adding a unique charm to their Lego collection. With its engaging designs and balanced level of challenge, the Lego Beach Camper Van has become a beloved addition to many builders’ collections.

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With Lego Beach Camper Van, kids can play out 3 different stories at the beach.


The Lego Beach Camper Van set offers kids the opportunity to embark on exciting beach-themed adventures through creative building and imaginative play. With its vibrant designs, engaging features, and versatile building options, this set provides endless entertainment for young Lego enthusiasts. Whether constructing the camper van, the summerhouse, or the ice cream shop, children can enjoy a dynamic and interactive play experience that stimulates their creativity and storytelling abilities.