Lego Ferrari 812 Competizione | Lego 76914

Lego 76914 Speed Champions Ferrari 812 Competizione, Sports Car Toy Model Building Kit, 2023 Series

Introducing the Lego Ferrari 812 (Competizione), a thrilling model car that captures the power and performance of the real-life limited edition sports car. Designed for 9+ year-olds and car enthusiasts alike, this collectible Lego set allows you to build your very own Ferrari 812 Competizione. With authentic details like the raised rear wing, signature vortex generators, and distinctive headlights, this red Ferrari racing car toy is a highly detailed and realistic replica. The set also includes a Racer Minifigure for exciting role-playing adventures. Plus, with the Lego Builder app, you can track your progress and enjoy a fun digital experience. Perfect for both display and play, this Lego Speed Champions Ferrari measures over 4 cm (1.57″) H, 16 cm (6.30″) L, and 7 cm (2.76″) wide. Get ready for a thrilling race car-building adventure with this iconic Lego model.

Design and Quality

The Lego Ferrari 812 Competizione is a highly detailed and realistic replica of the iconic sports car. The classic Ferrari red color, along with the yellow stripe running up the car’s center and the black stripe on the hood, adds to its overall appeal. The model features authentic details such as the raised rear wing, prominent vortex generators, distinctive headlights, and brake lights, which make it a true collector’s item.

The quality of the Lego bricks is excellent, ensuring a sturdy and durable build. The pieces fit together seamlessly, allowing for a smooth building experience. The finished model is impressive and looks great on display, whether on its own or as part of a larger Lego vehicle collection.
Lego Ferrari 812 - the built model car on a background

Features and Functionality


– Replica of the sleek and stylish Ferrari 812 Competizione
– Perfect for racing role play and displays
– Includes a driver Minifigure with a helmet and hair for realistic racing action
– Authentic details such as a detailed exhaust and headlights
– Features a raised rear wing, prominent vortex generators, and distinctive headlights and brake lights
– Easy-to-use Lego Builder app allows for saving progress, zooming, and rotating the vehicle in 3D
– Part of the Lego Speed Champions collection, which includes other iconic toy car models
– Classic Ferrari red color with a central yellow stripe and black stripe on the bonnet
– Features a Racer brick for added customization
– Measures over 1.57 inches high, 6.30 inches long, and 2.76 inches wide
– Contains 261 pieces for an enjoyable building experience
– Lego Speed Champions Ferrari is suitable for children aged 9 years and up
– Can be displayed as a striking red toy car model when not in use


The Lego Ferrari 812 (Lego model 76914) is not just a display model, but it also offers a great play experience. The included driver Minifigure can be placed behind the wheel of the race car, allowing for superfast action on the track or road. The model’s wheels are designed to roll smoothly, adding to the fun and realism of playtime.

The Lego Builder app enhances the functionality of this set by providing a digital building experience. With the app, builders can save their progress, zoom in and rotate their model car in 3D. This interactive feature adds an extra dimension to the building process and allows for greater creativity and customization.

Lego Ferrari 812 is Stylish and Superfast Lego Ferrari 812 has Realistic detailsbincluding the exhaust

Pros and Cons
of Lego Ferrari 812


– A highly detailed and realistic replica of the Ferrari 812 Competizione.
– Suitable for both racing role-play and display purposes.
– Includes a driver Minifigure for role-playing fun
– Authentic details such as exhaust pipes and distinctive headlights.
– Comes with a user-friendly Lego Builder app for a digital experience.
– Part of the iconic Lego Speed Champions collection.
– Compatible with other Lego Speed Champions sets
– Great for display or play. Perfect for Ferrari fans and car enthusiasts.
– Compact size for easy storage and display.
– Sturdy and durable build quality


– May be challenging for younger builders due to the complexity of the build
– Requires careful assembly to ensure all details are accurately represented.
– Some customers dislike the use of stickers

Tips and Tricks for Users

– Before starting the build, organize the pieces according to their colors and sizes for easier access.
– Follow the instructions carefully, step by step, to ensure a smooth building process.
– Take your time and enjoy the building experience. Building Lego sets can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity.
– Use the Lego Builder app to explore different customization options and share your creations with other Lego enthusiasts.
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Lego Ferrari 812 includes a Minifigure and other accessories Zoon in Lego Ferrari 812, rotate and track progress using the App


Q: Is this Lego Ferrari 812 Competizione set suitable for younger children?
A: While the set is recommended for 9 years and up, younger children may need assistance from an adult due to the complexity of the build.

Q: Can I combine this set with other Lego Speed Champions sets?
A: Yes, the Lego Speed Champions collection offers various iconic car models that can be combined to create larger displays or race scenes.

Q: How many pieces are in Lego Speed Champions Ferrari Competizione?
A: There are 261 pieces in 76914 Ferrari 812 Competizione across two groups of numbered bags.

Q: How big is Lego Speed Champions 76914 Ferrari 812 Competizione?
A: Lego Speed Champions 76914 Ferrari 812 Competizione measures 4cm high, 16cm long and 7cm wide at the same scale as other models in the theme.

User Experiences and Testimonials

The Lego Speed Champions Ferrari has received positive feedback from car enthusiasts and collectors. Many appreciate the accurate modeling and the lack of excessive stickers. Although it is more challenging to assemble, the finished product looks impressive and closely resembles the real 812 Superfast. One reviewer even mentioned their young child enjoying it and looking forward to building it themselves in the future. The only downside mentioned was the packaging, as one customer received a smashed package when they intended to give it as a gift. Overall, the 2023 Lego Speed Champions series is highly praised, and the Ferrari 812 Competizione is considered one of the best. Some users did mention a minor issue with the small steering wheel, but this can be easily fixed with a larger, more proportionate steering wheel. Fans of the Speed Champions series are encouraged to add this model to their collection.
Smiley kid with the built set of Lego Ferrari 812 -


In conclusion, the Lego Ferrari 812 is a highly detailed and realistic replica of the iconic sports car. It offers a fun and engaging building experience for both 9-year-olds and car enthusiasts. The model features authentic details such as a raised rear wing, vortex generators, headlights, and brake lights. It also comes with a Racer Minifigure for exciting role-playing fun. With the Lego Builder app, builders can track their progress and enjoy a digital experience. This collectible race vehicle set is perfect for display and makes a wonderful gift for fans of racing. The Lego Speed Champions collection offers a wide range of iconic toy car models to explore. Overall, the Lego Ferrari 812 Competizione is a must-have for any car lover.