Lego White Rabbit Animal Toy | Lego 31133

Lego Creator 31133 White Rabbit Animal Toy 3in1 Building Set for Kids

The 3-in-1 Lego White Rabbit is a delightful playset that will capture the hearts of both Lego fans and animal lovers. With three different build options, including a white rabbit, a cockatoo parrot, and a white seal, this set offers endless possibilities for imaginative play. Children as young as 8 can enjoy role-playing amusing stories with these adorable Lego animal figures.

Design and Quality

The Lego Creator White Rabbit toy pet set (31133) is designed with attention to detail and high-quality materials. The set contains 258 parts, allowing children to build and rebuild their favorite animal figures. The toy rabbit stands over 5.5 inches tall, making it a portable size for kids to take wherever they go. The Lego Builder app enhances the building experience by allowing children to zoom, rotate, and visualize the model on their tablet or smartphone.

Features and Functionality


– 3 adorable animals in 1 set: The Lego White Rabbit offers three different build-and-play options with posable animals.
– Countless play possibilities: Children can experience fun wildlife adventures with a white rabbit, a cockatoo parrot, or a white seal.
– Hungry bunny: The white rabbit can munch on a carrot or a flower, adding to the storytelling possibilities.
– Posable white seal: The seal can move its mouth and flippers, allowing children to create dynamic play scenarios.
– Spinning bird: The cockatoo parrot can rotate its head a full 360 degrees, adding an interactive element to playtime.
Girl feeding carrot to Lego White Rabbit


The Lego Creator 3in1 White Rabbit Set encourages imaginative play and storytelling. Children can create their own adventures with these posable animal figures and bring them to life using the Lego Builder app. The app allows kids to save their progress, zoom in, and rotate their models in 3D, providing a fun digital experience alongside physical play.

Pros and Cons
of Lego White Rabbit


– Versatile 3-in-1 set allows for different build-and-play options
– Appeals to both Lego fans and animal lovers
– Can be rebuilt into a cute cockatoo parrot or a white seal
– Role-play amusing stories with the Lego Creator White Rabbit toy pet set
– Enhances imaginative play and storytelling
– Lego Builder app allows for zooming, rotating, and visualizing the model
– Interactive features like posable and spinning parts
– Wonderful birthday gift idea for kids ages 8 and older
– Portable size for on-the-go play
– Enhances building experience with the Lego Builder app
– Good size piece for easy assembly


– May be challenging for younger children to assemble without adult assistance
– Packaging material may not meet high Lego quality standards
– Limited color options in the Lego 31133 set
Lego White Rabbit 3 adorable animals in 1 set: Rabbit, Seal and cockatoo parrot

Tips and Tricks for Users

– Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the Lego Creator 31133 White Rabbit Animal Toy 3in1 Building Set to ensure a successful build.
– Utilize the Lego Builder app to explore additional building options and customize your animal figures.
– Encourage imaginative play by creating stories and scenarios with the posable animals.
– Use the different accessories included, such as the carrot, flower, and fish, to enhance playtime.


Q: What is the recommended age for this Lego White Rabbit set?
A: This set is suitable for children ages 8 and older.

Q: Can the animals in this set be combined with other Lego sets?
A: Yes, the Lego Creator 31133 White Rabbit Animal Toy Set can be combined with other Lego sets for even more building and play possibilities.

Q: Are batteries required for the interactive features?
A: No, the interactive features of the animal figures do not require batteries.
Lego White Rabbit - A Fantastic LEGO build for kids

User Experiences and Testimonials

This Lego 31133 set exceeded expectations, especially for a 5-year-old granddaughter. The size was larger than anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise. The ability to create three different characters was a bonus, although she did need some guidance from her parents. However, this made it a great family activity for a rainy day. Even though it was requested for a birthday, it was loved by an 8-year-old as well. It may not be suitable for a beginner without assistance, but it provided a good experience for eye, hand, and brain coordination. As a gift for a puzzle-loving girlfriend, it did not disappoint. The fact that it could transform into three different things was a pleasant surprise.

The price was reasonable and the quality was excellent. It was also a good size, allowing a grandson to assemble it in a reasonable amount of time. However, there were concerns about the packaging material not meeting the usual Lego standards. Overall, this set was easy to assemble and enjoyable for both older kids and adults. It provided a relaxing and fun experience.
Lego Creator 31133 White Rabbit - Enjoy a fun digital experience


The Lego White Rabbit 31133 is a fantastic choice for Lego enthusiasts and animal lovers alike. With its versatile design, high-quality materials, and interactive features, this set provides hours of imaginative play. Whether kids choose to hop through a forest with a bunny, perch a parrot in the trees, or dive into the sea with a white seal, they will be delighted by the endless possibilities offered by this Lego Creator set.