Light Up Pop It PRO Fidget Toy

Pop It PRO The Light-Up Pattern-Popping Game Fidget Toy by Buffalo Games

Light Up Pop It PRO is an innovative gadget that combines a fun game with tactile stimulation. Thus, making it an ideal choice for both adults and children.

Pop It! PRO - The Light-Up, Pattern-Popping Game

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Last update was on: May 11, 2024 3:31 pm

The Pop It Pro Popping Fidget features colorful LED lights that blink as you pop each bubble. Releasing a satisfying click sound. With its compact size and easy-to-use design, the Pop It Pro can be taken wherever you go. It can provide hours of entertainment.

Front view of the Light Up Pop It PRO Fidget

The aim of the game is simple: press and hold down one bubble at a time until all bubbles pop. As each bubble pops, thrilling LED light shows follow. This adds extra excitement to this already exciting game! The more bubbles you pop in succession, the higher your score will be. Therefore, making it perfect for friendly competition among friends or family members.

Fidgeting is a natural behavior that many of us do when we are feeling anxious or want to stay focused. This Pop It Pro Fidget is perfect for those who like to fidget and want to relieve stress and anxiety. Light Up Pop It PRO has been designed with bright and fun colors. Thus making it enjoyable for users of all ages.

Light Up Pop It PRO - has 3 play modes

Features: Stress Relief, Fun & Challenging

This revolutionary device is designed to help you escape from stress and provide a fun, yet challenging experience. Featuring vibrant LED lights, this light-up fidget toy is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

The Pop It PRO Fidget offers a unique combination of stress relief and enjoyment. By popping it open and closing it in various patterns, users can relieve their tension while playing this product. Not only that, but each time the bubbles popped open and closed the lights turn on. The effect is almost magical. The flashing LEDs also add an extra element of challenge. They must be timed perfectly in order to get them all lit up at once.

A Child enjoying Fidget game with the Light Up Pop It PRO Fidget Toy.

How to Play

Pop all the bubbles as soon as they appear. Press the big button on the back to reset the bubbles before time runs out! Keep popping the bubbles fast to level up. Keep up with the Light Up Pop It PRO to see how many levels you can complete! It includes 3 Modes of gameplay. (1) Pro Mode – 20 levels of popping madness. (2) Pop & Pass – gets passed between players until someone makes a mistake. (3) Poppin’ Blitz – pop as many circles as you can before time runs out! Go and Pop It!

Conclusion: Experience the Fun

Light Up Pop It PRO is an exciting and fun way to experience the world of fidgeting. Its unique design and light-up feature make it a special toy for both adults and children alike. The bright colors and portability make it an ideal item for taking out with you wherever you go. This Fidget is a great toy for kids who enjoy playing with lights and sounds.

Light Up Pop It PRO - Main features

The addictive popping classic fidget toy meets fast, fun, light-up electronic gaming! Combining the classic design of Pop It! with modern electronic gaming, this innovative game will bring hours of fun. This electric version enables players to customize their popping experience. Speed settings from slow to fast. It’s made of durable plastic material that won’t break or crack under pressure.

Pop It! Pro is the first light-up, electronic Pop It! The bright yellow bubbles encased in a bright blue shell make a high-quality, handheld device to be shared and enjoyed. Pop It! Pro is endless fun for kids to play with, and a great travel toy as well. It’s fun and challenging. It is a great way for kids to work on fine motor skills and patterns! Now play the addictive, popping sensory game like never before!

Light Up Pop It PRO - Young girl playing a popping games

Product Features and Highlights

» The addictive bubble-popping classic meets fast fun electronic gaming!
» 3 Modes of Play – Clever multiplayer mode, solo player blitz mode!
Pro Mode: Over 20 levels where each one is harder than the last!
Pop & Pass: Pop all the lit bubbles and then pass the game to the next player!
Poppin’ Blitz: Keep popping as fast as you can until time runs out!
» Pop it! Goes Electric. How fast can you Pop?

2 girls playing with Light Up Pop It PRO fidget game» This sensory game will keep kids occupied for hours.
» Pop all the lit bubbles as soon as they appear. Press the big button to reset.
» Light Up Pop It PRO – the Bubble popping sensory fun for all ages.
» Educational Focus: Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Fine Motor Skills.
» No pieces or parts – Self-contained durable design is perfect for travel.
» Material: Plastic, Silicone. Battery: 3 AAA Alkaline, Optional, Included.
» 1+ Players. Recommended for Ages 5 and older.