Magic Mixies Crystal Ball with 8 inch Pink Plush

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball with Pink Plush Toy and 80+ Sounds & Reactions, Electronic Pet

This amazing Magic Mixies Crystal Ball is filled with magic that will make your wishes come true. What better way to bring some excitement and fun back into your life than by creating a fortune-telling pet inside the Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball? Simply follow the instruction booklet and let the mist guide you to your fortune.

Real Misting Crystal Ball!

It is so Magical and entertaining! Use your wand to summon a real magical fog-like mist inside your Crystal ball. As the mist slowly moves within the crystal ball, it glows in different colors for a truly magical experience. When the magic creation spell is over, chant the magic word “MAGICUS MIXUS” and the mist will disappear and the fortune-telling Magic Mixy will appear from within the crystal ball! A very fun and safe way to re-summon the magical mist and reset the crystal ball!

Magic Mixies Crystal Ball, Pink Plush (inside the Crystal Ball), Magic Wand

A Real Magical Wand!

Unlock Real Magic together with your Magic Mixies Magic Wand! With a spell-binding light-up tip, be amazed because it interacts with the Crystal Ball and your Magic Mixie. Master the wand moves to move through the creation process and reveal different types of magic! Jiggle your Wand upwards to summon magical sunshine, pitch your Mixie’s voice higher, and will find the colors of a mystical rainbow in the Crystal Ball. Jiggle your Wand downwards to collect mystical moonlight, make your Mixie’s voice deeper, and will find a mystical color glow show! Lastly, wave your Wand up and down to make the rainbow colorations magically dance, and listen to your Mixie sing a special song from inside the Crystal Ball! Additionally, your magic wand unlocks the magic of your Mixie!

Magic Mixies Crystal Ball and a Young girl with the Magic Wand

Fortune Telling Fun!

During the creation process, you could teach your Magic Mixie mysterious fortune-telling abilities. To try out those abilities, you need to take your Mixie out of the Crystal Ball, then squeeze down your Mixie’s belly and wait to hear the magic words “Magicus Fortunus”! Then, ask your Mixie a “yes” or “no” question, and stop squeezing! Your Magic Mixie will answer your fortune using the light-up gems on their forehead! Will your fortune come true, is it not in your future, or is your Mixie unsure? You can also use your magic wand to cast different spells and play a fun color-match game with your Mixie!

Boy and a girl having fun time with the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

Makes A Magical Night-Light!

The Magic Mixies Crystal Ball can also be used as a magical illuminated Night-Light to give your child’s bedroom a soft magical glow! There are two ways to use the Crystal Ball as a Night-Light. You can use its “Misting” mode and fill the ball with magical mist or use it in its “Lighting” mode for a colorful soft glowing Crystal Ball without mist. Your child can also move their magic wand and make the Crystal Ball light up the same color as the tip of their wand! The Ball will glow for 30 minutes before turning itself off.

Keep The Magic Happening!

You can make Real Magic happen again and again with the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball! With a magical reset, you can reveal your Mixie over and over, or you can make other items or objects at home appear from the mist! To recreate the magic for family and friends, you can purchase a Magical Mist Refill Pack (sold separately). The Magical Mist Refill Pack provides you with over 80 mist reveals and can also be used with the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron, so the magic never ends!

Magic Mixies Crystal Ball Toy Box

Play interactive fun games together and have your fortune told by your cute little creation! Tickle and nurture your Mixie and hear them react as you build a magical friendship together. Your Magic Mixies Crystal Ball can be reset so you can perform the mist-filled reveal inside your Crystal Ball again and again. A Magical Mist Refill Pack for your Crystal Ball is available and sold separately so you can keep the magic alive! The Magic Mixies Crystal Ball can also be used as a Night-Light for a magical bedtime each night. Real Magic is just waiting to be revealed. Who will you magically create?
The Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball is a great toy for kids and a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged.

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Magic Mixies Crystal Ball - Boy and girl trying out the power of the Magic Wand

Product Features and Highlights

» Real Magic Returns when you cast your spell
» Create a fortune-telling pet inside the Crystal Ball
» Your interactive light-up wand reacts with your Crystal Ball and your Magic Mixie!
» Watch as REAL Magic happens with the wave of your Wand!
» Perform each step of the Creation Spell to summon the magic mist
» Give your Mixie its voice and color, then teach it how to tell fortunes.
» You’ll be amazed as your Mixie magically appears through the mist!
» Your Mixie is full of magic and wants to share it with you!
» Try different spells, play an interactive fun game, and have your fortune told!
» The Interactive wand, Crystal Ball and Magic Mixie have over 80 lights, sounds, and reactions!
» The Magic Mixies Crystal Ball can be used again and again!
» Reset it so you can perform the mist-filled creation process or reveal other items inside.
» You can also use your Crystal Ball as a Night-Light for a magical bedtime routine!
» Dimensions (Overall): 13.39 Inches (H) x 8.15 Inches (W) x 8 Inches (D)
» Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up. Batteries required: 6 x AA and 4 x AAA (included)
» Contents: 1 Playset, 1 Electronic figure, 1 Accessory, 2 Vial vegetable glycerin (“mist refill vial”) provides 40 uses each, Batteries, and 2 Instruction books.