Mega Pokemon Figure – Motion Pikachu

Mega Pokemon Motion Pikachu Collectible Figure Building Set with Mechanized Motion Brick

Build the most detailed and elaborate Pikachu to date with this fully mechanized Mega Pokemon Figure building set. It includes a display case and a rocky path that becomes “animated” when the toy is activated. Complete the model and turn the crank. It will set the legs, feet, and tail in motion for a truly authentic experience.

Build your own ultra-realistic Mega Pokemon Pikachu using included parts and mechanics for an incredibly lifelike figure. Once complete, you can display it proudly in the included display case. Or, take it with you on your own rocky path adventure.

Mega Pokemon Figure - Built completed set and The toy box

Pokemon has been a beloved franchise for decades, captivating the hearts of younger to older children alike. Now, fans of the series can enjoy an entirely new way to experience Mega Pokemon Figure’s Mechanized Motion Pikachu. This advanced figure brings the iconic creature to life with innovative mechanized movement. It is an exciting addition to every Pokemon fan’s collection that promises hours of fun and play.

About the Motion Mega Pokemon Figure

The mega motion – Pikachu set, is 1092 pieces. It might take you a few hours to build. The building process is a lot of fun and super varied. One section requires you to precisely line up gears and beams. Another section will require careful assembly of very small pieces. There are, of course, more traditional sections with larger pieces as you build the one and only Pikachu. Speaking of the likeness looks spot-on once the set is all built.

Mega Pokemon Figure showing activated Pikachu's motions

Pikachu’s ears have ball joints and the electricity on his cheeks is slightly poseable at certain rotation points. The base is nearly as visually pleasant as Pikachu is. The lightning bolt relief along the side of the base gives the set a premium feel. There’s even some terrain built-in including rocks dirt moss and foliage.

Now the best part. Turn the crank on the side of the base and Pikachu will run. Not only that, but the grassy portion of the base will rotate like a conveyor belt. This adds to the illusion of Pikachu running through a field. You can leave Pikachu pose in any position during his run cycle. Further, add to your display options.

The Mega Motion Pikachu from Mattel has excellent pros. The aesthetics are superb. The motion gimmick works really well, and the build is a lot of fun.

Mega Pokemon Figure - Authentically detailed and fully mechanized Pikachu

Mechanized Motion Poseable Pikachu

The Mechanized Motion Pikachu has been released to the delight of Pokemon fans around the world. This highly anticipated figure features a lifelike Mechanized Motion technology. Turn the crank to set legs, feet, and tail in motion for a truly authentic experience. It allows fans to control and manipulate Pikachu’s movements in ways never before seen. With its realistic design and attention to detail, it is sure to become one of the favorite figures in any collection.

Mega Pokemon Figure - Pikachu's running motion by turning the crank

The Mega Pokemon Figure – Motion Pikachu is the perfect toy for all Pokemon fans. Its arms and legs are fully poseable. Users can customize their experience by creating complex poses or scenes from their favorite movies or tv shows. This Poseable, Interactive figure is sure to bring hours of joy and entertainment for kids and adults alike.

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Conclusion: Great for All Ages

The Mega Pokemon Figure – Pikachu is the newest addition to the popular series of Mega figures. This figure promises to be just as exciting and fun as the others, but at an affordable price. The Mechanized Motion Pikachu is perfect for both kids and adults alike. It is for those who are looking to add some character to their collections without breaking their budget.
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Interchangeable Nameplates of Mega Pokemon Figure set

Its fun and creative design encourage imaginative play while its well-crafted construction ensures durability through extensive use. Even those not familiar with the franchise can appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into this item!

Delight any pokemon fan 12 and older, by giving them this set as a gift.

Mega Pokemon Figure Pikachu size

Product Features and Highlights

» Build an authentically detailed and fully mechanized Pikachu.
» Activate Pikachu’s running motion by turning the crank.
» Crank activates running motion in legs and feet, and swinging tail.
» ​Includes buildable display case with animated rocky path environment.
» ​1092 bricks and pieces combine with all MEGA Pokémon building sets.
» Compatible with other name brands Mega Pokémon building sets.
» Interchangeable nameplates, Authentic details, Working gears.
» For ages 12 & up – Helps to develop creativity & problem-solving skills.
» Officially licensed by The Pokémon Company International.