Meta Quest 2 256GB VR Headset

Meta Quest 2 (Oculus) Advanced All-In-One 256 GB Virtual Reality Headset

Meta Quest 2 256GB VR Headset keeps your VR experience smooth and seamless. Step inside new realities with Meta Quest 2. This is the most advanced Oculus VR system yet. Explore new dimensions of gaming, social, and entertainment, or revolutionize your fitness regime. It is lightweight and has a sleek design. You can easily take this with you while you’re on the go.

Packaging may vary. Meta Quest packaging will continue to carry the Oculus name and logo during the transition to this new branding.

Meta Quest 2 256GB Headset with the Touch Controllers

Oculus Go was Oculus’s first dive into the world of standalone virtual reality. It did not really nail an extremely immersive experience until the debut of cable-free VR Oculus Quest. After that, Facebook purchased Oculus. They both now are under the main Meta umbrella. It is significantly more affordable compared to the HTC Vive Cosmos and the Valve Index. Optional PC tethering can be arranged along with an accessory cable to develop a versatile comprehensive virtual reality system.
Here are some of the highlights of the Meta Quest 2 system: (1) No cables required (2) Sharp display (3) Powerful processor (4) Accurate motion tracking (5) Optional PC tethering with an accessory cable.

Meta Quest 2 256GB - Advanced All-in-one VR

All-in-One System

Quest 2 is the all-in-one system that truly sets you free to roam in VR. With no wires or cables to limit your experience. Simply put on the headset, draw out your play space, and jump into fully immersive, imagination-defying worlds. Meta Quest 2 256GB has intuitive controls, a built-in battery, easy to set up, and no PC or console is needed. With no wires, no limits! You’ll be ready to go within minutes by setting up using the Meta Quest smartphone app, your Facebook account, and a wireless internet connection. Be truly free to roam in VR with a wireless headset.

Meta Quest 2 256GB lets you Step inside new realities


Get the most out of each moment with blazing-fast performance and next-generation graphics. A super-fast processor and high-resolution display help to keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high-speed action unfolds around you. 3D positional audio, hand tracking, and haptic feedback make virtual worlds feel real. A built-in battery lets you explore space and arenas for longer and further.
Stay focused with a stunning display that features 50% more pixels than the original quest. Take a break from the action and grab front-row seats to live concerts, exclusive events, and more. The redesigned touch controllers feature improved ergonomics and intuitive controls. They transport your gestures, motions, and actions directly into VR. You can even connect your VR headset to a gaming-compatible computer with an Oculus Link cable to access hundreds of PC VR games and experiences.

Meta Quest 2 256GB - No Wires, No Limits

Take your VR Journey

Discover a huge library of titles across gaming, social/multiplayer, fitness, and entertainment. Incredible social spaces and multiplayer arenas let you meet, play, and build communities with people from all over the world. Travel universes in blockbuster fantasies, scare yourself witless in horror adventures, or collaborate with colleagues in innovative workspaces. Sit in the front row with friends and family at movies and live events. Find your new workout crew or join quests with fellow adventurers. Access a huge number of titles in the Rift library by connecting your VR headset to a gaming-compatible computer (PC and cable sold separately). Let your friends and family into your VR world by casting your experience to compatible TVs and other screens.

Meta Quest 2 256GB Storage Capacity

Meta Quest 2 also lets you bring your friends into the action. With live casting, you can share your VR experience with people around you. Or meet up with friends in virtual worlds to battle in multiplayer competitions or just spend some time together. With Oculus quest 2, there’s no end in sight to what you can play, create and discover in virtual reality.

Anywhere you go in the real world, you can take your lightweight, portable Meta Quest 2 256GB system with you. The Quest 2 is slightly smaller and lighter than the original. It weighs 17.7 ounces and measures 4.0H x 7.5W x 5.6D inches, not including the strap. Suitable for ages 13 and up only. Requires mobile device, wifi, and companion app for setup. Account registration is required.

What’s Included: Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset | Beta Saber Game – Promotion | 2 Touch Controllers | Charging Cable | 2 AA Batteries | Power Adapter | Glasses Spacer | Silicone cover

What's included in Meta Quest 2 256GB Package
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Product Features and Highlights

» Keep your VR experience smooth and seamless with a super-fast processor and high-resolution display
» All-In-One Gaming – With backward compatibility, Explore the expansive Quest content library.
» Immersive Entertainment – Get the front seat to live concerts, films, exclusive events, and more.
» Easy Setup – Just open the box, set up with the smartphone app, and jump into VR.
» No PC or console is needed. Requires wireless internet access and the Oculus app.
» Premium Display – Stunning display that features 50% more pixels than the original Quest
» Take your lightweight and portable Meta Quest 2 256GB set wherever you go in the real world
» This Renewed Premium product is shipped and sold by Amazon and has been certified by Oculus
» With at least 90% battery capacity, it comes in deluxe Oculus packaging and with all original accessories.
» Comes with the same one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, just like a brand-new Oculus product.