DreamWorks Mount Rageous Trolls Toy Set

Trolls Band Together Mount Rageous Playset: Unleash Adventure with Queen Poppy and Hair Pops Friends!

Step into the vibrant world of Mount Rageous Trolls with the Queen Poppy playset. Inspired by the movie’s iconic location, this 2-story playset comes to life with a slide, snack bar, dressing room, Hair Pops launcher, and stage, offering endless adventure. With the Hair Pops launcher, kids can watch the Hair Pops friends fly through the air by sliding the gem across the bridge. Queen Poppy doll is ready to shine with over 25 accessories, including clothing, fashion accessories, and storytelling items.

Whether reenacting scenes from the movie or creating new storylines, this playset invites fans aged 3 and up to let their imaginations soar. With hidden spots, hair-raising moments, and 360 degrees of storytelling, the Trolls Band Together Mount Rageous playset promises endless fun in the colorful Trolls world.

Design and Quality

Hey kids! Imagine having a blast with the DreamWorks Trolls Mount Rageous playset! It’s super cool and well-made, with a slide, a stage, and a launcher to make Hair Pops fly! The design is so fun and colorful, just like in the Trolls movie. And it’s sturdy, so it can handle lots of exciting adventures with Queen Poppy and her friends. Good design and quality mean it’s safe and will last a long time, making playtime even more awesome! So, let’s get ready for hair-raising fun with this amazing playset!
Playset Mount Rageous Trolls and it's accessories

Features and Functionality


– Queen Poppy small doll and her Hair Pops friends invite you to the vibrant Mount Rageous Trolls playset.
– Slide, snack bar, dressing room, Hair Pops launcher, and stage bring action to the 2-story set.
– Send the 4 included Hair Pops into the air with the bridge launcher — just slide the gem and watch them go.
– Pinch Queen Poppy’s plush hair to reveal hidden Hair Pops for hair-raising fun.
– Store different accessories within the Hair Pops that open up.

– Over 25 pieces include clothing, fashion accessories, and storytelling items like a clothes hanger, microphone, and gem guitar.
– Perfect for fans aged 3 years old and up to collect their favorite DreamWorks Trolls characters.
– Encourages imaginative play to create new stories or reenact scenes from DreamWorks Trolls Band Together movie.
– 360 degrees of storytelling areas for endless fun and adventure.
– Create wow moments as the Hair Pops fly from Queen Poppy’s hair or launch from the Mount Rageous bridge.


Mattel Mount Rageous Trolls set offers 360 degrees of adventure, with a 2-story design, a slide, and a Hair Pops launcher that brings excitement to playtime. Kids can unleash their creativity, reenact scenes from the Trolls Band Together movie, and invent new storylines, fostering imaginative play. With over 25 accessories and a Hair Pops feature that adds wow moments, this playset provides endless fun for fans aged 3 and up, encouraging them to collect their favorite Trolls characters and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Queen Poppy and her friends.
Young girl with her Mattel DreamWorks Mount Rageous Trolls toy set

Pros and Cons
of Mount Rageous Trolls


– Encourages imaginative play with vibrant and iconic Trolls-themed playset.
– Offers a 2-story playset with a slide, snack bar, dressing room, and stage for immersive play.
– Hair Pops launcher adds excitement; slide the gem to see them fly.
– Provides over 25 accessories, including clothing, fashion items, and storytelling pieces.
– Encourages creativity and storytelling, allowing kids to invent new Trolls adventures.
– Offers 360 degrees of storytelling areas for a comprehensive play experience.
– Hair Pops can be hidden in Queen Poppy’s plush hair, creating hair-raising fun moments.
– Allows kids to launch Hair Pops from the Mount Rageous bridge for exciting playtime moments.
– Allows kids to reenact scenes from the DreamWorks Trolls Band Together movie.


– Doll cannot stand alone, limiting independent play scenarios.
– Potential for repetitive play patterns may reduce long-term engagement.

Watch the Hair Pops fly from its hiding spot in Queen Poppy doll's hair with a pinch -- or launch from the Mount Rageous bridge by sliding the gem for wow moments! The two-story Mount Rageous Trolls playset features 360 degrees of storytelling areas, including a hidden spot at the top where Queen Poppy can hang out with her Hair Pops friends!


Q: What is the DreamWorks Mount Rageous Trolls playset?
A: The playset is an exciting toy inspired by the vibrant location from the DreamWorks Trolls Band Together movie. The playset features a two-story design with various play areas, including a slide, snack bar, dressing room, Hair Pops launcher, and a stage, providing kids with a dynamic and imaginative play experience.

Q: What are Hair Pops, and how do they enhance playtime?
A: Hair Pops are colorful accessories that can be hidden within the Queen Poppy doll’s plush hair or launched into the air using the Hair Pops launcher on the Mount Rageous playset. These Hair Pops add an element of surprise and excitement to playtime, as kids can pinch Queen Poppy’s hair to reveal the hidden Hair Pops or slide the gem across the bridge to see them fly, encouraging imaginative and interactive play.

Q: What does the Mount Rageous Trolls toy set include?
A: It includes Queen Poppy small doll, four Hair Pops friends, and over 25 accessories, offering kids a wide range of storytelling items such as clothing, fashion accessories, a clothes hanger, microphone, gem guitar, and more. With these accessories, kids can engage in creative play, practice, perform, and invent new Trolls storylines, making the playset a versatile and engaging toy for fans ages 3 years old and up.

Q: How does the Mount Rageous Trolls set inspire storytelling and imaginative play?
A: Yes, it provides 360 degrees of storytelling areas, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the Trolls world and create their own exciting storylines. With interactive features such as the Hair Pops launcher, hidden spots for Queen Poppy and her Hair Pops friends, and a variety of accessories, kids can reenact scenes from the DreamWorks Trolls Band Together movie or invent new adventures, fostering creativity and imaginative play.

Q: Can the Queen Poppy doll stand alone?
A: The Queen Poppy doll included in the Mount Rageous playset cannot stand alone, but she can engage in various activities and interact with the playset elements, Hair Pops, and accessories, adding to the dynamic play experience for kids.
Mount Rageous Trolls' Hair Pops Launcher!

User Experiences and Testimonials

The ‘Mount Rageous Trolls’ playset is a hit among Trolls fans, offering vibrant, well-made figures and an exciting surprise element. Users loved the ability to customize Poppy’s hair with the included tiny trolls, creating a beauty salon-like experience. However, some felt that the novelty wore off quickly, leading to a loss of interest. Despite this, the playset was praised for its imaginative play potential and the delightful surprise of the Hair Pops launcher.

The inclusion of removable clothing and accessories inspired by the film was also well-received, encouraging creativity and storytelling. Overall, the playset was described as a colorful, magical experience that captures the essence of the Trolls universe, making it highly recommended for children who love DreamWorks Trolls.

* You might want to explore different options for the Mount Rageous Trolls Playset, such as the Barbie Pool Party Doll House, as it is a popular alternative that some people have been searching for.
Mount Rageous Trolls Toy Box


In conclusion, the Mount Rageous Trolls with Queen Poppy small doll offers endless adventure and imaginative play. The vibrant set features a slide, snack bar, and Hair Pops launcher, providing hours of entertainment. However, the doll cannot stand alone, and colors may vary, which may disappoint some fans. For young Trolls enthusiasts ages 3 and up, this playset is a delightful choice, allowing them to recreate scenes from the movie and invent new stories. Its 360-degree storytelling areas and over 25 accessories provide ample opportunities for creative play. Overall, despite minor drawbacks, this playset is perfect for young fans seeking hair-raising fun and interactive storytelling adventures with their favorite Trolls characters.