Play Doh Ice Cream Truck Ultimate Playset

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset with 27 Accessories, Preschool Toys for 3-Year-Olds and Up, Non-Toxic

The Play Doh Ice Cream Truck Toy Playset is the perfect toy for children who love creating and customizing their own imaginative treats. With 27 accessories included in the set, children can create realistic ice cream cones and cups. They can make other creative desserts as well using the colors of dough. They also get a variety of tools. These are shape cutters and molds that make it easy to craft elaborate desserts with lots of detail.

The Ice Cream Truck itself has an interactive design. Kids can have fun serving up their creations while pretending they’re running the store. Plus, it even features real working wheels so they can take it wherever they want!

Play Doh Ice Cream Truck - View of The Toy Box

About this Playset

From its sprinkle-coated wheels to its headlights and taillights, it looks just like an ice cream truck. But inside, it’s full of surprises. Step behind the counter and check out the fake steering wheel and ice cream-themed gas gauge. Press down the cherry on top of the ice cream cone to play music – letting everyone know they’re open for business!

There are 27 different tools that kids can use. These include Ice cream scoop molds, Ice cream sandwich mold, Dishes, Ice pop mold, Ice pop sticks, a Credit card mold, Decorating tool, and much more… You can use all of these tools with the 12 included cans of Play-Doh. There’s also plenty of space to store these tools and Play-Doh.

A special cup inserted into the truck’s ice cream cone helps you make swirl ice cream. Use the truck’s molds to add fun toppings to your creations. Turn Play-Doh into sprinkles by running it through the sprinkle maker. Customers can pay with an ice cream-themed credit card at the cash register. Press the ice cream button to ring the bell. slide open the drawer to mold cash and coins out of Play-Doh. A rim on one side of the truck makes it easy to scoop leftover Play-Doh back into the can.

Some adult assembly is required. You will need 2x AA batteries, which are not included.

Play Doh Ice Cream Truck playset and accessories

Should You get it?

Making pretend food is a classic way to play with Play-Doh. Kids will really like how this large set allows them to roleplay owning their very own ice cream truck. With ice cream truck jingles, 12 cans of Play-Doh, and lots of realistic tools, this playset definitely inspires a lot of imaginative play. Consider the Pros: Large set, Imaginative roleplay, 12 Play-Doh colors, 27 tools, Plays music, Storage space.

Accessories & Tools

Kids of all ages will be delighted with Play Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset. With 27 tools and a soft-serve station, children can create a wide variety of pretend treats. From ice cream sundaes to popsicles, waffles, and slushies, the possibilities are endless. To make it an even sweeter experience, it comes with a Play-Doh sprinkle maker, tools, and kids’ play accessories. So, children can customize their creations in whatever way they desire.

Full view of the Play Doh Ice Cream Truck and young girl serving

Kids can use the cash register and ring up customers, adding a fun interactive element. With this set, kids will hear realistic cash register sounds and cheerful music as they put together delicious treats.

This fun playset comes with 12 cans of Play-Doh modeling compound in a variety of colors. Thus give kids plenty of options for making their own unique creations. They can then dress up their creations with the included ice cream decorations such as sprinkles, waffle cone pieces, and more.

Everything included in this set will let children explore all kinds of creative possibilities while having a blast!

What’s in the box

1 x Ice cream truck playset, 2 x ice cream scoop molds, ice cream sandwich mold, 4 x dishes, 6 x cones, ice pop mold, 2 x ice pop sticks, credit card mold, 2 x rollers, scoop, decorating tool, knife, 3 x spoons, cleaning brush, empty can, and 12 x cans of Modeling Compound (net weight 28 oz/794 g).

Play Doh Ice Cream Truck - Meet me at the pickup window

Design Features: Colorful Details

The Play Doh Ice Cream Truck is full of vibrant colors, making it stand out and encouraging creativity while kids are playing. The bright colors and unique details will draw children in to explore the many possibilities that come with it. With virtually endless combinations of shapes and designs, kids can express their imaginations in any way they choose. Parents and caregivers can join in on the fun as well, watching their little ones come up with creations from their own minds.

Conclusion: Must Have Play Set

The Ultimate Play Doh Ice Cream Truck with 27 Accessories is the ideal play set for children ages three and up. This unique playset provides countless opportunities for imaginative play. It encourages kids to create their own fun stories with bright colors and a variety of shapes. No matter how old your child is, they’ll be sure to enjoy exploring all the possibilities that this playset has to offer! In conclusion, this playset provides hours of entertainment at an affordable price without compromising quality or safety standards.

Play Doh Ice Cream Truck - Filling a Cone with pretend play Doh

Product Features and Highlights

» Play Doh Ice Cream Truck toy for kids allows kids to play pretend!
» The truck’s 3-foot-tall size gives kids a great way to role-play as servers and customers!
» Pass the Play-Doh ice cream treats through the window once they’re ready to share.
» 27 Tools and 12 Colors: Spark creativity with Play-Doh sets for girls and boys!
» Hear classic ice cream truck jingles and “cha-ching!” of cash register sounds.
» The jingles & sounds make kids feel like they’re really running their own business.

Play Doh Ice Cream Truck - Having fun with the playset» Kids love swirling Play-Doh ice cream out of the soft-serve station!
» With this set, make treats with a soft serve machine and scooping station.
» Decorate the treats with a sprinkle maker, tools, and molds. Ring up customers at the register.
» Rim collects Play-Doh bits to easily sweep back into the can.
» They can also use the scoop to make pretend hard ice cream.
» Built-in storage plus a locking bin keeps it organized!
» These pretend play kitchen toys give them so many ways to be creative.
» Play Doh Ice Cream Truck like this food truck makes great gifts for 3+ old girls & boys!