Spindoodle Game

Educational Insights Spindoodle Drawing and Guessing Game

Spindoodle Game (by Educational Insights) gives your creative brain a spin with the fast-paced drawing game that turns as you doodle Roll the die to determine your category – and the speed of the spinning board – then draw a card to see what you’ll doodle.

Last update was on: September 12, 2023 1:03 pm

The clue cards may seem simple in this fast-paced doodle challenge game but once the Spindoodle canvas starts to spin while you draw, players will be laughing out loud as teammates try to guess the dizzying doodles for points.
This fun, family-friendly party game includes one spinning white board with four increasingly difficult speeds, 100 double-sided clue cards with five categories, one dry erase marker and eraser, one 30-second timer and game die. Give this doodle toy a whirl and see if you can keep up. Big laughs for the whole family! Requires 3 AA batteries not included.

How to Play
1. Roll the die to determine your drawing category.
2. Set the level of spinning speed and start drawing as the doodle-disc spins. The higher the speed, the more points you win!
3. If the Artist’s team guesses correctly, they win the points!

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Product Features & Highlights

• The revolutionary drawing & guessing game. Drawing clues on spinning board!
• Promotes creativity & artistic expression, and Encourages social skills & teamwork.
• Doodle challenge game contains write-and-wipe spinning canvass.
• Take the challenge and try to have your team-mates guess what you’re drawing under a spinning board!
• You will be laughing out loud as you try to guess dizzying doodles for points.
• 5 different drawing categories to choose from – It’s Alive, It’s a Thing, It’s a Place, It’s Something You Do, and It’s Impossible.
• Included: 1 spinning drawing board with 4 spinning speeds, 100 double-sided clue cards, 1 dry-erase marker, 30-second timer, and game die.
• This dizzying guessing game that spins as you draw is great for family game night and kids’ parties too.
• Recommended for ages: 8 years and up.

Last update was on: September 12, 2023 1:03 pm