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Hasbro Chow Crown Game Kids Electronic Spinning Crown

Who can become the champion chomper with the crazy fun of Chow Crown Game? A great fun for the whole family, whoever eats all their food in the fastest time is the winner. It can also be switched form a short game mode to a long game mode, so players of all skill levels can join in.

Last update was on: September 17, 2021 5:09 pm

It’s the musical crown-spinning, chow-chompin’ game and the game is incredibly simple to play.

Put on the crown then load the dangling forks with various food (food not included, additional purchase required). Ready? The crown will spin and play music and the challenge begins! Players try to bite off the food without using their hands and aim to eat them all before the music stops. Want more of a challenge? Switch from the short game mode to the longer game mode. The player who eats the most food wins. It won’t be easy though – the crown spins too, so you’ve got to get the technique just right to chow down from the crown!

Chow Crown Game Highlights

Food attaches on forks around the crown (Food Not Included. Additional purchase required.)
Try to eat the spinning food before the music stops
Get ready for the laughs as players catch the snacks
Accessory includes: Includes electronic crown base, crown front, crown back, arm holder, 3 x jewels, 6 x crown arms, 6 x fork arms, 6 x plastic forks, and game guide
Adult assembly/supervision required!
Adult supervision recommended. All players must be aware of the contents/food being used. Make sure that all player food allergies are disclosed at the beginning of the game
Suitable for age 8 years +
Suitable for 2+ players
Dimensions: 24.9 x 40 x 6.4
Batteries Required: 3 x AA (Not Included)

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Last update was on: September 17, 2021 5:09 pm

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