Sunlin Dance Mat – The Dance Pad Game

Dance Mat by Sunlin – Dance Play Mat with LED Lights, Adjustable Volume, Built-in Music, 3 Challenge Levels

The Sunlin Dance Mat for Kids is the perfect addition to any home with little dancers! The dance pad game has 3 challenge levels. The built-in music, bright colors, and fun designs will keep your kiddos entertained for hours on end. Plus, the LED lights add an extra bit of fun and excitement to their experience. And if the noise level gets too high, no problem, the Sunlin Dance Play Mat has adjustable volume. You can always keep the volume at a level that’s comfortable for you.

Why should you buy it?

– Suitable for everyone – from toddlers to grownups, even adults.
– Soft, cushiony mat with slip-resistant surface – suitable for dancing
– Endless fun dance game – with 2 game modes & 3 difficulty levels
– Play with built-in music tracks or external music via AUX
– Adjustable Volume – set to near silent or party-level loud
– The light-Up Indicator on the display panel indicates your next move
– Heavy duty material and Strong construction for the duration
– With interaction and cooperation between parents and children, both can have fun
– Perfectly fits into your suitcase when traveling

Mom & Young Girl dancing on a Sunlin Dance Mat Girl posing on a Sunlin Dance Mat

Sunlin Dance Mat with its functions & features Sunlin Dance Mat - Girl in a dancing mood

Without a doubt, running and jumping are essential for kids to do – especially when they’re stuck in a classroom all day. Regular physical exercise builds bone and muscle mass and removes stress. It all starts from young, beneficial habits that endure into adulthood. The Sunlin Dance Mat will entertain your children and encourage physical activity. Prepare for endless hours of entertainment with music, lights, sounds, and action with this Dance Mat.

An ideal toy gift for kids especially who love to dance or move! Thrill them with this dancing playmat and you will see the bright smile on the kid’s face!

Parents & Young boy with the Sunlin Dance Mat box
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Product Features and Highlights

» Made of heavy-duty vinyl material, is non-toxic and soft padded, easy to wipe clean
» It is of excellent quality to last through endless dancing and jumping
» Patterns on the back are designed for non-slippery. Designed in HK, US Patent
» Follow the beat of the built-in music, dance to the cues of the blinking on the LED board
» Keep up with the move and try to challenge 3 different levels!
» Kids will get sound and light responses from every step
» Size 35.4″X36.6″. Folds up easy and stores nicely in a closet or under the bed
» Can perfectly fit into a bag for an outing. Enjoy the dancing game both indoor & outdoor!
» Get your kids to work out in the most entertaining way!
» This Sunlin Dance Mat encourages physical activity and hand-eye coordination
» Kids, and parents both can have fun. It facilitates interaction & cooperation between children & parents
» Uses 3×AA batteries. (not included)