VTech Storytime with Sunny

Storytime with Sunny VTech: A Charming and Interactive Friend for Kids

VTech Storytime with Sunny is a delightful interactive toy that brings stories, songs, and games to life for children aged 3 and above. Sunny, the animated storyteller, captivates kids with her expressive face and movements, making storytelling sessions engaging and entertaining. With over 300 activities and four activity disks, Sunny encourages creativity, imagination, and healthy habits through jokes, tongue twisters, let’s-pretend fun, and reminders about good manners, cleanup, and bedtime routines. This toy is not only educational but also a great companion for children as they explore the world of stories and play.

VTech Storytime with Sunny

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Design and Quality

Storytime with Sunny VTech is designed with attention to detail, ensuring a realistic and endearing experience for children. Sunny’s movements, expressions, and interactions are incredibly lifelike, creating an immersive storytelling experience. The toy is made of high-quality materials that are durable and safe for kids to play with. The disk rack provides a convenient storage solution, keeping the four activity disks organized and easily accessible. The night-light feature emits a soft glow, providing comfort to children as they fall asleep. Overall, the design and quality of Storytime with Sunny are exceptional, guaranteeing hours of fun and entertainment.
VTech Storytime with Sunny along with activity Disks

Features and Functionality


– Sunny is an entertaining storyteller who engages kids with her animated expressions and movements.
– Includes 300+ activities and four activity disks with stories, songs, and games to listen, laugh, and think.
– Encourages imaginative play with jokes, tongue twisters, let’s pretend fun and encouragement to daydream.
– Reminders about good manners, cleanup, bedtime routines, and more to teach healthy habits.
– VTech Storytime with Sunny features a gentle alarm and softly glowing night-light for a peaceful bedtime routine.

– Sunny’s expressive personality engages kids with over 30 different expressions.
– Includes over 5 hours of stories, songs, jokes, and daily routines to keep kids entertained.
– Night light feature provides comfort as kids drift off to sleep, and the alarm slowly brightens the room in the morning.

– Offers a variety of entertaining stories, songs, and games to keep kids engaged and having fun.
– Unwind with Sunny and play exciting games like composing a poem or guessing objects.
– Chat with Sunny about the day, learn fun facts, practice tongue twisters, and hear jokes.
– Teaches kids about daily routines, manners, mindfulness, and making the most out of each day.
– Package includes Storytime With Sunny TM, 4 Activity Disks, Disk Rack, and Quick Start Guide.
– Each of the four included disks focuses on different themes like daily routines, friendship, stories and songs, and silly games.
VTech Storytime with Sunny Toy Box


VTech Storytime with Sunny offers a wide range of functionalities to enhance children’s learning and play experiences. The toy allows kids to listen, laugh, and think with its extensive collection of stories, songs, and games. Sunny’s animated face and movements add emotion and expression to the content, stimulating children’s imagination and encouraging their participation. The toy also promotes healthy habits by reminding children about good manners, cleanup, and bedtime routines. The gentle alarm and night-light feature create a soothing environment for children to fall asleep peacefully. With its user-friendly interface and engaging functionalities, Storytime with Sunny is a versatile and valuable toy for children.

Pros and Cons
of VTech Storytime with Sunny


– Engaging and interactive storytelling experience
– Sunny is an entertaining storyteller with animated expressions and movements
– 300+ engaging activities on four activity disks including stories, songs, and games
– Encourages imaginative play, jokes, tongue twisters, and daydreaming
– Encourages creativity, imagination, and healthy habits
– Reminders about good manners, cleanup, bedtime routines, and more
– Gentle alarm and softly glowing night-light for peaceful sleep
– Convenient storage with the included disk rack
– VTech Storytime with Sunny is suitable for ages 3+ and makes a unique gift for birthdays or holidays


– Requires 6 AA batteries (included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended)
– May not appeal to older children or those who prefer digital entertainment




Q: What can VTech Storytime with Sunny do?
A: Sunny is an interactive friend who moves, talks, and reacts with over 30 different expressions. She tells stories, sings songs, plays games, and engages in daily routines.

Q: Can Sunny be used as a night light?
A: Yes, Sunny can keep her light on through the night, providing comfort as kids drift off to sleep. She also has a gentle alarm feature.

Q: How many activities are included?
A: There are over 300 activities included with Storytime with Sunny, spread across the four activity disks.

Q: What are the topics covered in each disk?
A: Disk 1 focuses on daily routines, manners, and mindfulness. Disk 2 is about friendship, laughter, and imaginative play. Disk 3 includes stories and songs for listening, laughing, and dancing. Disk 4 offers fun problem-solving and creative games.

Q: Can VTech Storytime with Sunny encourage healthy habits?
A: Yes, Sunny teaches healthy habits such as good manners, teeth brushing, and mindfulness exercises.
Young girl playing with the VTech Storytime with Sunny

User Experiences and Testimonials

After playing the demo, one user couldn’t wait to give the VTech Storytime with Sunny toy to their daughter for Christmas, describing it as the cutest toy ever. While their 3-year-old son wasn’t as interested in it due to a lack of interest in reading and language delay, their 6-year-old daughter loved it. The user appreciated how Sunny managed to capture their daughter’s attention with songs, and the toy even helped their daughter overcome her fear of sleeping alone.

The stories were entertaining, engaging, and educational, teaching children about colors, numbers, and more. On the other hand, another user felt they got the toy too early for their little one, as they were not yet able to fully interact with it. They found it to be just another noisy toy for their toddler. Despite this, many users raved about the toy’s cute design, educational features, and interactive storytelling. The toy’s ability to move its head and display changing facial expressions captivated small children.

However, some users found the instructions lacking and had issues with the disks not working properly. Despite these minor flaws, many users were impressed with the toy’s ability to help their children sleep and recommended using a universal adapter due to its high battery consumption. Overall, the VTech Storytime with Sunny received positive feedback for its engaging and educational qualities.
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Practice healthy habits by working on daily routines and mindfulness with VTech Storytime with Sunny


In conclusion, VTech Storytime with Sunny is a charming and interactive toy that offers endless fun and educational opportunities for children. With Sunny as their storytelling friend, kids can enjoy engaging activities, learn about healthy habits, and explore their imagination. The toy’s high-quality design, extensive features, and user-friendly functionalities make it a unique and valuable gift for children aged 3 years and above. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or back-to-school occasion, Storytime with Sunny is sure to bring joy and laughter to young minds.