What the Fluff (Pupper-Fluff)

What the Fluff Interactive Pupper-Fluff Surprise Reveal Pet Toy with over 100 Sounds and Reactions

What the Fluff Pupper is the latest trend in interactive pet toys. This cuddly little toy is designed to look and feel like a real puppy but without all the mess. And what could be better than a puppy that you can control with your own two hands? Enter Fluff Interactive Pupper-Fluff, the new addition from Spin Master.

Your new interactive pet features over 100 exciting sounds and reactions and has a surprise pet reveal. Play with your shy and timid what the fluff toy. Encourage her to come out of her hiding and earn her Trust. You can pet, roll, shake, toss, and turn her upside down. When your pet friend feels more comfortable, she reveals her ears. Keep playing and her eyes will peek out too. As you play, you’ll unlock more of her sweet and silly personality.

What the Fluff has 100+ Sounds & Reactions

Why should you get it?

There are tons of sounds and reactions.
It’s full of surprises
and She is small enough to carry around

Discover the Sweetest Surprise!

This interactive pet has over 100 sounds and reactions, and a surprise pet reveal! Hidden inside a soft purple Pupper-Fluff. Pet. Shake, toss, and play with your toy friend to make her ears pop up and her eyes peek out. As soon as she totally trusts you, music plays as your fluff transforms into a pet! As you play together, you’ll discover Pupper-Fluff’s sweet and silly personality. There are plenty of ways to play in both fluff and pet mode! She purrs, giggles, wiggles, get dizzy, and even does somersaults! Tickle her, play a game together, tilt her left and right to play music, and make her dance. Touch her head to hear her sing – it’s so much fun! Bring home this Pupper toy and discover the sweetest surprise with What the Fluff!

Surprise Pet Reveal.

Earn Your Fluff’s Trust

Pupper-Fluff is a shy little thing, but with a little patience and love, she’ll start to reveal her personality to you. Once she starts to feel comfortable with you, she’ll want to be by your side all the time.
Pet, roll, shake and toss your shy fluff, as she feels more comfortable, Pupper-Fluff reveals her ears! Is your pup not feeling well? Do you think she might be sick? Or, is she just a little under the weather? If you’re not sure, keep playing with her and see her eyes peek out. When you hear the celebration song, she fully trusts you, transforming from fluff to pet! Discover all the fun ways to play with your new fluffy friend!

Turns from Fluff To a Pet

Over 100 Sounds & reactions

What the Fluff is an interactive pet that responds to over 100 different sounds and reactions. You never know what adorable response you’ll get when you interact with your Pupper friend. This playful pup is full of personality and loves to play. As you play with her, you’ll find new ways to interact with your furry friend and unlock her sweet and silly personality. There s no limit to the fun you can have with your Pupper-Fluff. She purrs, giggles, wiggles, hiccups, dances, play music and so much more! She’s also got some serious tricks up her sleeve! Place her on her head and she’ll somersault onto her feet – it’s so cute!

Fluff can roll, dance, eat, snuggle, play and more...

So Many Ways To Play

There are so many ways to play with your What the Fluff Interactive pet. She is full of personality and loves to play. You can play either in fluff or pet mode! No matter what mood you’re in, She is always up for some fun. This Fluff friend can be pet, tickled, fed, and cuddled. You can also turn her upside down and play a tap-back game. She’s the perfect companion for anyone who wants a furry friend without the hassle of taking care of a real one. She loves to dance and sing, too! Tilt her left and right to make her play music and touch her head to hear her sing. Play with her while she sings to hear more cute musical sounds!

So many ways to play

This is great for kids, ages 5 years of age and up.
Pack Includes: 1 What the Fluff | 1 Quick Start Guide | 1 Instruction Sheet

Product Features and Highlights

» Over 100 Sounds and reactions.
» Discover Pupper-Fluff’s sweet and silly personality.
» She purrs, giggles, wiggles, and even does a somersault.
» Tickle her, scare away hiccups, feed her and so much more.
» Pet, shake, and toss your shy fluff to make her ears pop up and eyes peek out.
» Music plays when What the Fluff pet fully trusts you, and turns from fluff to pet.
» This Pupper-Fluff from Spin Master loves to sing and dance.

2 Girls with the Pupper-Fluff Toys
» Tilt left and right and your pet will play music and dance.
» Touch her head to hear her sing. Shake, toss and tilt for more musical sounds.
» What the Fluff transform from fluff to pet and back to a fluff; again and again.
» With so many sounds, reactions, and many ways to play,
» Interactive What the Fluff toys are the perfect stocking stuffers and Holiday Toy.
» Surprise cute electronic plush pets for 5 years old and up.