YOTO Player (All-in-One) with Pixel Display

YOTO All-in-One Audio Player for Kids with 6 Cards Starter Pack

YOTO Player will keep kids entertained without using a screen But have its own Pixel Display. Kids control their listening with this smart speaker by inserting physical cards into the Yoto Audio Player to hear a variety of different audio content, from music and audiobooks to activities and podcasts. Cards are durable and designed to survive the trials of family life.

This is a carefully connected screen-free audio player that is controlled with physical playing cards. When a card is inserted into the audio player will play stories, music, sound effects, activities, make your own, podcasts, and radio. YOTO gives children the freedom to decide what they want to play or listen to in a safe environment. Large dials make it easy to change volume and skip forward/back. Best of all, it’s kid-tested for durability and parent-tested for easy setup. A simple dot-matrix display brings audio to life. Perfect for educational games, or showing the time or weather, without becoming addictive-like smartphones or TV.

YOTO Player makes bedtime easy! Turn it face down to activate the nightlight feature. And set sleep and wake times as well, so Yoto player works as a Sleep Trainer. You can use your Yoto Player as a regular Bluetooth speaker. Just connect your phone or laptop to the speaker in your device’s Bluetooth settings.
The Yoto player includes a headphone jack for quiet, personal listening. A clever magnetic dock even recharges the built-in battery for portable play. And listen to any audio you like via Bluetooth on your Yoto Player.

The ”Make Your Own” card lets you create personalized content cards in three simple steps. Read to your child by recording favorite books, stories, sing-along songs, or even special messages – all in your own voice to help them feel closer when they are missing you. Children can learn to make their own cards, too!
Beyond Yoto Content Store, there is more great content you can access for free! YOTO Daily micro podcast delivered fresh to your Player each day. YOTO Radio in-house radio station that plays an eclectic mix of songs to dance to, sing along with, and help to wind down when the time is right.

Expand Your Child’s Listening Options with YOTO curated Content Store! YOTO brings together a world of audio in its Content Store, with big-name authors of the best audiobooks you can find, to educational activities that make the most of all the features of Yoto Player. With its fun pixel display and simple tactile buttons and controls, it’s perfect for things like Phonics and Math. The Yoto app lets you manage settings from behind the scenes. Adjust settings like sleep and wake times, customize the color and brightness of the nightlight, set parental controls, access free content, and more! You can even play card content directly from the app when in the car or on the go. The mission is to help inspire the next generation of independent creative minds.
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Product Features & Highlights

• The Yoto speaker cube is for hours of entertainment and learning for kids.
• Large dials make it easy to change volume and skip forward/back.
• It’s portable with a rechargeable battery and even supports Bluetooth.
• Kid-tested for durability and parent-tested for easy setup.
• Let your child’s imagination run free with 100+ world-class, content cards
• Curated content selection of bestselling audiobooks, music and singalongs, educational activities, free children’s podcasts, radio, and more.
• Simple animated pixel graphics also enhance your child’s creativity, phonics, math, and learning experiences.
• Click on Yoto (under the title) to see our content store.
• Record personalized audio cards for fun playback.
• Read to your child from anywhere by recording their favorite books in your own voice.
• Sing a favorite song together, or even send special messages your child can play anytime they need to hear your voice.
• 6-Card Starter Pack includes:
-Audiobook (The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton)
-Music Collection (Mrs. H Sings – a compilation of sing-along songs for the whole family)
-Educational Activity (My First 100 Words)
-Story Shed Podcast (a primary school teacher creates this gem of a podcast which updates regularly)
-YOTO Radio (24/7 family-friendly music)
-Crackling Fire Sound Effects (evocative sounds bring your kids’ imagination to life)
• Teach your child good bedtime habits.
• Choose the color & brightness of the built-in nightlight.
• Choose a clock or program when the sun or moon appears to teach your child when it’s time to get up or go to bed.
• Insert a Sleep Card with soothing sounds and turn your Player into a sleep machine to help your child fall asleep quickly.
• Clever magnetic dock to recharge the built-in battery, for portable play.
• The audio platform built for kids ages 3-8