30 Second Dance Party Button with Music as a Gag Gift or Office Toy

30 Second Dance Party – The Button, Dance Party Button with Music | Gag Gifts, Office Toys

30 Second Dance Party Button is the most innovative ever put into a dance party button. Big button, pulsing sound, top that lights up to the beat. It’s all here like never before. It gets lit when the button gets hit!

Last update was on: December 6, 2022 2:52 pm

Simply press the Dance Party Button and enjoy 30 seconds of dance party music. Includes 5 songs to turn any moment into a dance party. Perfect for stress-relieving micro-breaks at the office. (Even if that office is at home!)

Why Should You Get It?
EASY AS: 1. Press the button 2. Start the party!
50% More Dance Party: Design-Team went back to the drawing board and reimagined how to put more dance parties into one button.
The Result? is 50% more dance party than a 20-second dance party.
Five Party Starting Beats: Collaborated with international party scientists* to craft the perfect 5 songs to turn any moment into a dance party.
The Thinnest Button Ever: Re-engineer to provide more dance parties with the thinnest, lightest button possible.
More Features You Love ✓ Battery Compartment | ✓ On/Off Switch | ✓ Speaker | ✓ Box | ✓ Intro by real German partier* | ✓ 3 AAA batteries required | ✓ 3 AAA batteries included

With 30 Second Dance Party Button, you’re gonna dance. The beat drops and you can’t help yourself no matter how hard you try. You push the button wondering if the next track is as fun as the first. It is indeed as fun and could be even more fun. You cannot escape its techno grasp and so you must dance, again and again. Damn it. Suddenly the button has tricked you into a full minute of exercise and you can’t stop hitting the yellow light for more beats. You’ll be at three minutes before you know it.
Truly, this magic button will lighten your mood and bring laughter and joy to any situation.
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30 Second Dance Party Button - 5 Party Starting Beats

Product Features and Highlights

» Buy 2 or more buttons and receive a discount at checkout!
» 30 Second Dance Party Button is as easy as pressing the button and starting the party!
» Enjoy 30 seconds of dance party music; Bring the party everywhere you go!
» 5 Party Starting Beats to turn any moment into a dance party
» With the new BloGlo technology, it glows to the beat and makes the party right in all lighting conditions
» 30 Second Dance Party is an instant pick-me-up with the press of a button
» Dance out a stressful day at the office with your co-workers for instant fun
» Instantly can boost your fun mood with co-workers. Way easier than meditation and yoga.
» This Party button makes an awesome Gag gift to Family, Friends, or Office stuffers

Last update was on: December 6, 2022 2:52 pm

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