Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm

Motorized Beystadium Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Game Set

Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set by Hasbro is the first motorized Beystadium in the Beyblade Burst line. The center of the battle arena features a spinning Motor Vortex designed to redirect the battle, giving tops an energy boost.

Last update was on: June 10, 2024 11:12 pm

Supercharge the battle strategy with Speedstorm tech! Launch into a highspeed head-to-head in the official Beyblade Motor Strike Beystadium. In the middle of the stadium is the inescapable spinning Motor Vortex. This is an energy zone designed to redirect the battle. The motorized disc spins left or right to redirect the battle and give tops the ultimate speed boost. Confront the vortex as tops are drawn toward the motorized Beystadium center. Harness the power of the high-speed spinning vortex, then supercharge the clash for an extreme knockout attack!

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The package includes everything you need to battle. You will get the Beyblade Burst Speedstorm Motor Strike Beystadium, 2 right/left-spin launchers, and 2 right-spin Speedstorm battling tops. To unleash each of Beyblade Burst tops’ Storm Chips and Motor Strike Beystadium in the Beyblade Burst app, you need to scan the code. Let it rip!
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Battle set game makes a great gift for fans of the anime series and kids who want to level up on their journey toward Beymastery. Beyblade Burst toys are for 8-year-old boys and girls and up.
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Features and Highlight of Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm

• Features a spinning Motor Vortex disc in the center of the Beystadium for the first time in the Beyblade Burst line
• Motorized energy zone in the center that redirects the battle and energizes tops for intense, highspeed attacks
• Harness the power of Speedstorm with right-spin tops Evo Lucius Endbringer and Evo Hyperion Flamebringer
Evo Lucius Endbringer is Defense type (L6 D12/TSP22) and Evo Hyperion Flamebringer is Attack type (H6 D49/TSP21)
• Scan code on tops’ Storm Chips and Beystadium to unlock each in the Beyblade Burst app
• Compete in head-to-head battling games with Beyblade Burst spinning tops, launchers, and Beystadium toys
• Recommended for boys and girls of ages 8 and up. Batteries: Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)
• Dimensions: 14.62″ H x 20.50″ W x 3.62″ D. Minor assembly is required
• You get: Speedstorm Motor Strike Beystadium | 2 Launchers | 2 Tops (each has 4 pieces that snap together) | Instructions
• Play can be enhanced by downloading the interactive app from the App Store or Google Play Store

Last update was on: June 10, 2024 11:12 pm