Bluey Garbage Truck Toy with Bluey and Bin Man Figures

Bluey Bin Garbage Truck Toy (5 Pieces Set) with Figures & Accessories | Learn to Recycle with Bluey

Bluey Garbage Truck Toy is super cool and loaded with fun features! Drive the truck up to the Rubbish Bins then lift the bin up into the Truck to empty out by pulling down on the lever on the side of the Truck. Watch the Bin lift up and empty out all the trash! You can even lift open the back of the Rubbish Truck and place the two Bins in the back and drive away!

It’s Bin night and you can help Bluey and the Bin man to collect the rubbish in his Garbage Truck. The Bluey Garbage Truck Playset includes a 2.5″ figure of Bluey and the Bin man. They are the perfect size to sit inside the Truck’s cabin so they can ride together. The set also includes 2 Rubbish bins (Yellow & Red Bins), an assortment of both trash stickers and cardboard “trash” items.

Bluey Garbage Truck Toy - Lower lever to empty Bin Young Boy with the Bluey Garbage Truck Toy

Bluey Garbage Truck Toy and the garbage Bin Young Girl with Bluey Garbage Truck Toy

Bluey Garbage Truck Toy Set and the Rubbish Bin Bluey Garbage Truck Toy - Truck lifting the bin

Both Bluey and the Bin man are posable for fun play with articulated moving arms and bodies. They are just the right size for Pre-school hands to move and play with. Children will love to recreate some of the most memorable moments from The Bluey Tv Show with these adorable toys!
Unlike most children’s toys, this truck is far less noisy and made with care and quality. Recommended for ages 3+
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Bluey Garbage Truck Toy - Load the Bins. Boy with the toy

Product Features and Highlights

» Bluey Garbage Truck Toy set includes a 2.5″ Bluey and Bin man figures
» It also includes 2 Rubbish Bins, Trash stickers, and Cardboard “trash” items
» Lift up the back of the Truck to fit the 2 Rubbish Bins inside
» Empty out the Bins into the Truck by lifting the Lever
» Bluey and the Bin Man Figures are articulated and can sit in the Truck Cabin together
» It’s Bin night! Help Bluey and the Bin Man empty the Rubbish Bins into the Truck
» Recreate Fun Scenes From Bluey’s TV Show
» Full of fun and features, an easy play for little hands.