Dance and Play Bluey 14″ Animated Plush

Bluey Dance and Play 14″ animated Plush with over 55 Phrases and 4 Songs

Dance and Play Bluey is an adorable 14″ plush toy that loves to dance along to the music. This Bluey Animated Plush is the perfect toy for little ones who love to move and groove. She’s sure to get them up and dancing along with her!

Bluey Dance and Play 14" Animated Plush | Over 55 Phrases and Songs, Multicolor

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This cuddly toy measures 14 inches tall and features the popular Bluey character from the hit TV show. Let your little one grab their bluey and get to dancing and shaking. Your little kid will be dancing and singing along with Bluey to 4 different songs and with 55 phrases. The fun is non-stop.

Dance and Play Bluey - 4 different songs and 55+ phrases

You’ll also have fun with 3 favorite games. Play statues to dance mode and even a game of copycat with hearts. Here are 3 of Bluey’s favorite games:
Statue: In this game, one player is the statue while the other players move around them. When the music stops, everyone must freeze in place. The last person to freeze becomes the next statue.
Dance Mode: In this game, players must dance along with Bluey as she plays music. Whoever can keep up with her the longest wins.

Dance and Play Bluey - Full view of the plush toy
Copycat: This is a memory game where players must copy Bluey’s actions. The first person to make a mistake is out and the last person standing wins.

Bluey also has some articulation. She can hop on one leg, dance, and wave her arms in the air. Just press your tummy and join in on the bluey fun. Bluey is perfect for many fans, ages 3 and up. Who is the mini fan in your home?

Dance and Play Bluey - Play games: Statues, Dance Mode & Copycat

Here are some Pros and Cons of the toy:
Bluey is the perfect size for cuddles
It’s made with deluxe fabrics
Features embroidered details
She’s soft to the touch

As for cons
There is one – it’s hard to hear:
Bluey speaks when the animatronics override her voice.

Dance and Play Bluey is full of awesome moves! Bluey is the perfect size for cuddles and is made with deluxe fabrics featuring embroidered details. This super-soft plush doubles as a cuddly toy for game time or storytime. Collect all of Bluey’s Plush friends and create your own Bluey adventures!
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Dance and Play Bluey - Hops, Waves and Dances!

Product Features and Highlights

» Dance and Play Bluey is a 14″ tall animated plush toy.
» This soft, cuddly toy comes to life with 4 different songs that will get you moving and grooving.
» She is so much fun, she also comes with over 55 phrases.
» Play 3 of her favorite games: Statues, Dance Mode and Copycat!
» Bluey toy can hop on one leg, dance, and wave her arms in the air.
» Dance and Play Blue is made with deluxe fabrics and features embroidered details.
» This super-soft plush doubles as a cuddly toy for game-time or storytime.
» She loves to play pretend and will keep kids entertained for hours on end.
» It’s the perfect gift for any Bluey fan!
» Batteries Required: 4x AA (included)