ThunderROARus Drop Playset

Monster Jam ThunderROARus Drop Playset: The Tallest Monster Jam Playset Yet

The ThunderROARus Drop is the ultimate Monster Jam experience for kids ages 3 and up. Standing over 6 feet tall and 1 foot wide, this massive playset will provide hours of thrilling fun. With three launch modes, including a high jump, front flip, and corkscrew, you can perform awe-inspiring stunts with your favorite Monster Jam trucks. The Dino’s head comes to life with adjustable lights and sounds, adding to the excitement.

The playset includes an exclusive ThunderROARus truck and is compatible with other 1:64 Monster Jam trucks. Easy to assemble and securely mount to the wall with 3M Command Strips, this playset is a must-have for any Monster Jam fan. Get ready to drop into the action with the ThunderROARus Drop Playset.

Design and Quality

The Monster Jam ThunderROARus Drop Playset boasts a sturdy and well-designed structure. Standing at over 6 feet tall, it provides an impressive backdrop for Monster Jam stunts. The playset is made of high-quality materials that are built to withstand rough play. The included 3M Command Strips allow for easy and secure wall mounting without causing any damage. The attention to detail in the design of the Dino’s head is remarkable, with adjustable lights and sounds that bring it to life. Overall, the design and quality of this playset are top-notch.
Playset ThunderROARus Drop is over 6 feet tall. Safe on walls.

Features and Functionality


– The ThunderROARus Drop set stands over 6 feet tall and 1 foot wide
– It can be securely mounted to the wall using the provided 3M Command Strips, without causing any damage
– The playset has 3 launch modes, allowing you to load and crank your favorite Monster Jam trucks onto the adjustable launch ramp
– You can perform incredible stunts like high jumps, front flips, and corkscrews by turning the stunt dial in the Dino’s mouth
– The Dino’s head features adjustable lights and sounds, bringing it to life during playtime
– The playset comes with an exclusive Thunderroarus truck in 1:64 scale and is compatible with other Monster Jam trucks (sold separately)

– It is suitable for children aged 3 and up, making it a great gift for birthdays or holidays
– The set includes various components for assembly, including a wall bracket, command strips, track pieces, and more
– The playset is covered by the Spin Master Care Commitment for added peace of mind
– With so many Monster Jam trucks to collect, you can add even more excitement to your playtime by collecting trucks like Grave Digger, Max-D, and El Toro Loco (each sold separately)


The ThunderROARus Drop offers three launch modes, allowing kids to choose their desired stunt. The adjustable launch ramp provides the perfect angle for high jumps, front flips, and corkscrews. The Dino’s head lights up and makes sounds, enhancing the overall play experience. The playset is compatible with other 1:64 Monster Jam trucks, giving kids the option to expand their collection and race them all. Wall mounting is made easy with the included 3M Command Strips, ensuring a secure and damage-free installation. The playset also comes with all the necessary accessories for assembly, making it convenient and ready for playtime.
ThunderROARus Drop Playset includes: a Monster Jam Truck

Pros and Cons
of ThunderROARus Drop Playset


– Impressive size and design, standing over 6 feet tall and 1 foot wide
– Adjustable launch ramp for various stunts
– Three launch modes for performing awe-inspiring stunts
– Adjustable lights and sounds bring the Dino head to life
– Exclusive ThunderROARus truck included
– Compatible with other Monster Jam trucks
– Easy and secure wall mounting with 3M Command Strips
– Comes with all necessary accessories for assembly


– Requires wall mounting for optimal play experience
– Limited to performing three specific stunts
With ThunderROARus Drop, watch your Monster Truck gain speed & new heights


Q: How do you mount the ThunderROARus Drop to the wall?
A: The playset can be securely mounted to the wall using the provided 3M Command Strips. These strips are safe for walls and do not cause any damage.

Q: What are the launch modes of the playset?
A: The playset has three launch modes. You can load and crank your Monster Jam trucks to the adjustable launch ramp, and then use the stunt dial in the Dino’s mouth to perform high jumps, front flips, or corkscrews.

Q: Is there an exclusive Monster Jam truck included?
A: Yes, the playset comes with an exclusive ThunderROARus truck in 1:64 scale die cast. It is also compatible with other 1:64 Monster Jam trucks (sold separately).

Q: What is included in the playset?
A: The ThunderROARus Drop playset includes 1 1:64 Scale Monster Jam Truck, 1 Wall Bracket Top, 1 Wall Bracket Bottom, 7 Large Command Strips, Monster Jam Sign, Top Triangle Mount, Bottom Triangle Mount, 2x Crank Arms, Folding Main Track, 3 Track Pieces, Track Support, 4 Track Support Legs, Stunt dial Assembly, Feature Dino Head, Left Bottom Jaw, Right Bottom Jaw, Left Arm, Right Arm, Sticker Sheet, Landing Ramp, Landing Ramp Frame, and 3 Instruction Sheets.

Q: Is there any warranty or customer care support?
A: Yes, the playset ThunderROARus Drop is covered by the Spin Master Care Commitment. For more details, please refer to the provided information.
Turn the stunt dial for 3 launch modes in ThunderROARus Drop (High jump, Front Flip and Corkscrew).

User Experiences and Testimonials

Customers have been excited about the ThunderROARus Drop toy and its functionality. They mention that the main piece can be unlocked and stored away easily. The toy comes with adhesive command strips, although some customers mentioned upgrading the adhesive if needed. While there were safety concerns, customers emphasized that responsible use and educating kids can prevent accidents.

Some customers expressed disappointment that the toy was only accessible to those who could afford its high price. Additionally, customers noted that the box is massive and not discreet for gifting purposes. Despite these concerns, customers praised the toy’s size and ease of assembly. However, they wished it came with more than one monster truck for added excitement. Overall, customers found the ThunderROARus Drop toy to be entertaining, although some felt it was slightly overpriced.
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Parts and accessories includes in the ThunderROARus Drop package.


The ThunderROARus Drop toy is an impressive toy standing over 6 feet tall and 1 foot wide. It securely mounts to the wall with 3M Command Strips, ensuring long-lasting fun without any damage. With 3 launch modes, you can load your favorite Monster Jam trucks onto the adjustable ramp and perform jaw-dropping stunts like high jumps, front flips, and corkscrews with the turn of a dial.

The playset also features adjustable lights and sounds to bring the Dino to life. Included in the set is an exclusive Thunderroarus truck, and it is compatible with other 1:64 Monster Jam trucks. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, this playset makes for a great holiday or birthday gift. Despite its impressive features, some users may find the assembly process a bit challenging. Overall, the ThunderROARus Drop is a thrilling toy that allows kids to take control of Monster Jam stunts and guarantees hours of entertainment.