Monster Jam Garage Playset

Monster Jam Garage and Storage Playset with Exclusive Grave Digger Monster Truck, Realistic Lights & Sounds

This Monster Jam Garage playset is a must-have for any fan of the popular Monster Jam franchise. This massive playset stands 2 feet high and 4 feet wide. This massive playset holds over 25 Monster Jam trucks and has five levels of epic stunts. It comes with an incredible array of accessories. The set includes a working Elevator, Garage sign, Parking hooks, Backflip ramp, and much more. So there’s plenty to explore.

This Monster Jam playset by Spin Master also comes with sound effects and lights. The Playset is perfect for recreating exciting scenes from the show! Kids can even use the included launcher to send their trucks flying through the air in spectacular fashion. Load up your trucks and crank the lever to bring them up the elevator. Take the action to the next level with real lights and sounds.

Monster Jam Garage Playset - Store 25+ Trucks

How to Build

Remove all items from the box and spread them out. The instruction sheet shows the step-by-step process of how to assemble the garage. First, assemble the elevator, and turn the side supports & ceiling upside down. Line up the connector points and snap them into place. Flip the connected elevator structure right side up and connect to the base. Line up the connector points and snap them into place. Connect the sign to the top of the garage and add the Monster Garage sticker to the side. Next, attach the bottom level to the elevator base. Line up the connector points and snap them into place. Add the stickers and the rotating truck lifts. Now add the truck support to the sides of the structure and connect the side structure to the bottom level. Line up the connector points and snap them into place.

Next, Add the 3 tracks to the garage. Start at the lowest level and work your way up. Line up the connector points and attach them. Follow the same steps for each level. Now attach the top support handle. Then attach the hand to each side’s support. Line up and snap into place. Add the sticker. Time to add the car crush and Big Air ramps. Add the Car crush ramp to the second level. It has a big air ramp to the fourth level.

Monster Jam Garage Playset - Exclusive Grave Digger
Now add the curved test track. First, add the top piece of the test track to the third level.
Next, add the test track support by connecting one end to the underside of the test track. Connect the other end to the Big Air jump Connection Point.

Add the bottom piece of the test track to the top piece. Then add the support to the underside of the bottom track. Add the test area signed to the test track. Add the Megalodon truck chip art to the bottom level. Attach the truck support and backflip ramp support to the outside of the elevator. Add the backflip ramp. Attach it to the top level and support piece. Now add 2 AA batteries to the crank. The crank has real working lights and sounds. Finally, add the crank by sliding it into place at the bottom of the elevator.

Monster Jam Garage Playset - epic backflip

How to play

With the Monster Jam garage assembled, you’re, ready to “Crank it up”. Roll into 5 levels of epic stunts.

First, turn on the crank by sliding the power button to the left to hear real Monster Jam sounds. Roll Gravedigger into the elevator and use the crank to go up. Slide the lever forward until it clicks to launch Gravedigger at this level. Press the red tab to release your truck down the ramp and over the crushed cars. Slide the lever back on this level, so the elevator can move to the next level. Again slide the lever forward until it clicks. Grave Digger is ready to roll out and hit the test track. Press the tab, speed around the curb and test your suspension.

Slide the lever to the next level forward. Crank up and roll out. Get ready to hit the ramp and get some big hits. Now, take it to the top for a backflip. Place Gravedigger into the ramp. Lift the back to launch him into action. Hit the ramp and go-and-over end in an epic backflip.

Monster Jam Garage Playset - Over 4 feet wide, 5 levels, Store 25+ trucks, Multipe Ramps, Working Elevator, Lights & Sounds

The Monster Jam garage works with all your 1:64 scale trucks. Crank them into stunts or store over 25 of them in the garage. Now you know how to assemble and play with your Monster Jam garage. You’ll have lots of fun, cranking, rolling, and dropping into epic stunts.

Conclusion: Ideal for Monster Jam Fans

The Monster Jam Garage Playset is the perfect toy for any fan of Monster Jam. With exciting stunts, realistic sounds, fully stocked garage full of accessories, make your own custom monster truck experience.

For those who are already invested in the world of Monster Jam, this set offers a fun way to further explore their fandom. Performing stunts like wheelies or backflips to show off what your truck is capable of. The addition of realistic engine audio effects makes it feel like you’re really playing in the stadium!

Monster Jam Garage Playset - The Crank to set trucks in action

This set is perfect for imaginative play that encourages creative thinking. Plus, it’s great fun too! Now, kids can take their Monster Jam adventures to new heights with realistic action inspired by real events. Complete with a full garage area and vehicle launcher, this playset gives kids endless possibilities for awesome stunts. Get ready to bring your Monster Jam show right into your living room with this incredible Garage Playset!
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Monster Jam Garage Playset - Curved test track

Product Features and Highlights

» The massive Monster Jam Garage Playset is 2 feet high and over 4 feet wide.
» The Playset is massive! Each level has its own ramp for epic stunts!
» Load your trucks, crank them up the elevator and take it to the next level with Real lights & sounds.
» Race down the ramps and push your speed to the limits!
» This Monster Jam playset includes a kid-powered elevator with lights and sounds!
» Rack up your Monster Jam trucks on the platforms and store over 25 Monster Jam trucks!
» Add the exclusive Gold 40th Anniversary Die-cast Grave Digger Truck to your collection!
» With BKT Tires, authentic graphics, and a detailed chassis, this truck is a must-have!
» 1x Monster Jam Garage Playset, 1x 1:64 Grave Digger Monster Truck

Monster Jam Garage Playset - Send your Trucks in action
» Can store over 25 1:64 Monster Jam trucks (Each sold separately)
» Each level has its own ramp for epic stunts | Require: 2 AAA batteries (Not included)
» Monster Jam monster trucks for boys and girls are for ages 3 and up.
» Monster Jam toys, playsets, toy cars, and RC trucks should be at the top of your holiday toy list!