LOL Surprise Magic Flyers – Flutter Star

Magic Flyers Flutter Star by LOL Surprise: A Magical Flying Experience!

LOL Surprise Magic Flyers, the enchanting dolls with fashion wings that can really fly! Each doll comes in a magical bottle that comes to life when you touch it. With a simple touch, the bottle shakes and lights up in a mesmerizing rainbow. Touch it three times and the bottle magically opens, releasing your flying Tot into the air. But the magic doesn’t stop there! You can guide your Magic Flyer’s flight by holding your hand underneath its feet.

These dolls are not only stylishly designed with unique wings, but they also come with rechargeable batteries and a USB charger for endless fun. Collect all three LOL Surprise Magic Flyers, Flutter Star, Sweetie Fly, and Sky Starling, and watch them flitter, flutter, and make a scene. Get ready for an unboxing experience like never before!

Design and Quality

The Magic Flyers LOL Surprise Dolls are not just your ordinary dolls. They are beautifully designed with unique fashion wings inspired by butterflies. From their stylish hair to their fashionable outfits, these dolls are sure to captivate any child’s imagination. The dolls are made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, so your little one can enjoy endless hours of playtime.
Hand guided LOL Surprise Magic Flyers Flutter Star

Features and Functionality


– There are three different dolls to collect: Flutter Star, Sweetie Fly, and Sky Starling
– LOL Surprise Magic Flyers come with a unique design & stylishly designed wings.
– Each purchase includes one doll with unique wings that really fly
– Experience the magic bottle unboxing with shaking, rocking, and light-up effects
– Simply hold your hand underneath Flutter Star’s feet, allowing you to control her flight
– The magic bottle can be switched to launch the doll right away, providing endless fun
– Rechargeable dolls with batteries included in the bottle and a USB charger

– Collect all three Magic Flyers dolls to complete your collection
– The unboxing experience features captivating light and shaking effects
– Flutter Star is a cute doll with butterfly-inspired wings that flies out of the packaging and spins in the air
– Batteries required: 1x 3.7V Li-Po and 3x AAA batteries (included)


Once you touch or rub the bottle, it comes to life with shaking and light effects. With each touch, the bottle reveals a new surprise, leading to the magical launch of your flying Tot. While the doll is in the air, you can guide its flight by using your hand to keep it from touching the ground. This interactive and hands-on experience creates a truly enchanting playtime adventure.
3 different LOL Surprise Magic Flyers - Collect them All

Pros and Cons
of LOL Surprise Magic Flyers


– Each doll has a unique design and fashionable flying wings.
– Eye-catching design, make them visually appealing.
– The ability to fly adds an exciting element to imaginative play.
– The magic bottle unboxing experience with light and shaking effects.
– The dolls can be hand-guided to fly as high as possible.
– The unboxing can be repeated or the bottle can be switched for instant launch.
– The dolls are rechargeable for endless fun.
– Collect all 3 LOL Surprise Magic Flyers dolls for a complete set.


– The dolls require batteries for operation
– The flight control might take some practice for younger children.

Overall, the LOL Surprise Magic Flyers offer an extraordinary playtime experience. The combination of innovative design, interactive features, and high-quality materials make these dolls a must-have for any LOL Surprise collector. Collect all three Magic Flyers and watch them flitter, flutter, and make a scene! With the ability to fly and the magical bottle unboxing, these dolls will surely provide hours of imaginative fun. So let your child’s imagination take flight with the LOL Surprise Magic Flyers!
Battery compartment in LOL Surprise Magic Flyers


Q: How do the LOL Surprise Magic Flyers work?
A: Simply touch the bottle once and it shakes, touch it twice and it lights up in a rainbow, touch it three times and the bottle magically opens. Pull the lid back and your magic flying Tot will fly into the air.

Q: Can I control the flight of the Magic Flyers?
A: Yes, while the doll is in the air, you can guide it with your hand to keep it from touching the ground. It’s an interactive and exciting unboxing experience.

Q: How many Magic Flyers are there?
A: There are three Magic Flyers to collect: Flutter Star, Sweetie Fly, and Sky Starling. Each doll has a unique design and fashionably designed wings.

Q: Can boys play with the Magic Flyers too?
A: Yes, the Magic Flyers are suitable for both girls and boys. They are designed to provide hours of social play with siblings and friends.

Q: Are there any other LOL Surprise dolls available?
A: Yes, LOL Surprise offers a wide range of collectible dolls with stylish hair, fun outfits, and detailed accessories. They are perfect for gifting on birthdays or any special occasion.
LOL Surprise Magic Flyers Flutter Star pack and the Flutter Star

User Experiences and Testimonials

The LOL Surprise Magic Flyers – Flutter Star is a great toy for girls aged 6 and up. Users love how easy it is to use – just tap the bottle and watch it wobble and shake before opening it to reveal the magic flyer. The doll will then fly up into the air, and you can guide it by placing your hand underneath. It’s important to have plenty of space around you as it can fly up and come back down with a bump.

The toy is rechargeable, but it does require a good amount of charging time for 5 to 10 minutes of flight. The doll itself is cute and made of plastic, with a slightly flimsy propeller. Overall, this toy is a hit with kids and adds a touch of mystery to the unboxing experience. It’s a great addition to any LOL collection and will excite any little one.

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LOL Surprise Magic Flyers - Tap 3 times to watch her rock, unlock and fly!


The LOL Surprise Magic Flyers – Flutter Star is an exciting addition to the L.O.L. Surprise doll collection. This doll comes with fashionably designed wings that actually fly, adding a unique element of fun and excitement. The doll is packaged in a magical bottle that shakes, rocks, and lights up when touched, creating a captivating unboxing experience. Once the bottle is opened, the doll flies into the air and can be guided by hand, providing endless entertainment.

The Magic Flyers dolls are rechargeable, ensuring that the fun never ends. There are three different characters to collect, each with their own unique design and flying abilities.

The dolls are recommended for children ages 3 to 7, making them a perfect gift for imaginative play. Overall, the L.O.L. Surprise Magic Flyers offer a magical and interactive play experience that is sure to delight children and collectors alike.