Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone

Holy Stone Ultralight HS510 GPS Drone for Adults With 4K UHD Camera

Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone is another great release in 2020. HS510 Quadcopter is Foldable and Ultralight with UHD 4K WiFi Anti-Shake FPV Camera. Suitable for both Adults and Beginners. It has a Brushless Motor with features like Return Home, Follow Me, Altitude hold, and more. 5G Wifi Transmission ensures photos and videos can be transferred to your phone quickly. Comes with a Storage Bag.

You may be surprised how well this drone can perform, and how much it can do. It has those intelligent flight features and everything that you might need for a beginner drone.

Smart Return Home: Remote control range 1968~1624 feet, Drone can always fly back to Take-off Point as per your instruction or whenever it runs out of power or loses connection, even when you accidentally fly it out of range.
GPS Follow me: After you set an object or person on the app, the drone will start following it as soon as it’s within the max range and can keep up with the speed.
Tap fly: You may know this feature as a waypoint. With this, you have to select a route for the drone on the map within the app and the drone will try to go on the exact same path.
Point of Interest: Enter this function, Drone will continue clockwise around the present point. A person can complete creative film-making.
Daw a path: Submit a route you draw on the app then the drone will fly along the path you set. The aircraft can shoot stable aerial shots.
Optical Flow Positioning: The Optical Flow Positioning System is typically used in an indoor environment when the GPS signal is weak or unavailable.
Note: When the environment is dark, you can press the light switch button to enhance stability.

4K HD Camera details:
Image Transmission: 720P@20FPS
Camera Adjustable Angle:0° to -90°manually.
Gimbal Stabilization: Single Axis
Lens Angle: 120°
Video / Photo Resolution: 3840x2160P (in TF Card),
1920x1080P (in Phone)
Max. Expansion: 32GB TF Card (Not Included)

Whether you’re a beginner or a more Advance drone user, if you are looking for an affordable GPS drone with a 4K camera the Holy Stone HS510 will be a good fit. It has some decent features and a nice design. It’s very fun to operate, and easy to learn.

PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 x HS510 Drone | 1 x 2.4G Transmitter (2*1.5V AA Battery Not Included) | 2 x Li-Ion Modular Battery | 1 x Carrying Case | 1 x Type C Charging Cable | 4 x Spare Propeller (Additional ) | 1 x Screwdriver | 1 x Charger Hub | 1 x Instructions for Use

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Product Features & Highlights

• 4K Super Resolution utilizes every single pixel giving you crystal clear photos and videos.
• Camera provides smooth 4k video at 16 frames/sec, 2.7K video at 25 frames/sec.
• 4K UHD camera equipped with shock absorption.
• Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone has a compact. Its arms and propeller blades can be folded.
• It is Ultralight, weighs less than 250g/0.55lbs.
• No need to register your drone with the government/FAA. A nice choice for Beginners!
• With GPS Follow Me, Point of Interest, TapFly, this Quadcopter can shoot stable aerial shots.
• With a carrying case, It is much more convenient to carry while traveling.
• Brushless motor with aviation propellers for high aerodynamic efficiency (more quiet and long-lasting).
• With Dual satellite connectivity (GPS & GLONASS navigation systems), you should never lose a signal outdoors.
• Additionally, with the optical flow positioning, barometer, and satellite systems.
• It has a terrific Return-to-Home point and a new more precise landing technology.