HS720 Drone (Holy Stone)

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera, Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Long Range

HS720 Drone by Holy Stone is a Foldable GPS Drone with a quality Camera. With the 4K UHD 110°FOV Camera when connected to your phone, You can take some great real-time pictures and videos using the Holy Stone APP. 90°adjustable angle helps you capture the view with multiple angles and record some great moments.

Brushless Motors (frictionless), it supports higher-speed rotation and provides stronger power with little noise. It also extends the battery life and makes it easy for flying even in windy conditions. The package also includes drone protection guards. Large capacity battery increases the flying time to 26 minutes. You can monitor the remaining power with ease by the LCD screen on the transmitter. The modular design lets you charge and replaces the battery easily. Never let low power battery interrupt your flight.

Once the custom flight path program is started, only set the waypoint on the APP, the drone will fly in any way you draw. Design your own flight route. With GPS accurate positioning hovering, the User can handle it easier and take more steady and clear aerial photographs. The HS720 is one of the Holy Stone brand’s premium models. It is a quadcopter that has become a favorite among amateur filmmakers. The reasons are portability, simple operation, and excellent camera quality.

The reason that this drone wins the hearts of many because of its Flight Functions. Some of the most common ones:
Optical Flow System: The drone performs a stable hover thanks to the built-in optical flow system and sensors. It helps keep the drone stable at a fixed height, enabling you to capture your videos and photos without any distortion.
GPS return home: The integration of GPS in drones is a great idea. When this drone loses power or the signal disconnects, it will return home, to the place where it was launched from. It does this automatically so you do not have to worry about losing it.
Flight Path: With this function, you can draw a flight route that you want the drone to follow and it will follow that. Just draw dots on the app, connect them and when you launch the drone, it will follow that route, no failing.
Follow me mode: Run fast, run slowly… it does not matter to this drone. It will follow you to the end of the world if the battery will last that long.

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One key return: This is another safeguard feature. The drone has GPS capability so it will turn back if there is a need to. However, should you want to bring it back home immediately, just press the one key return and the drone will turn back immediately.
Headless mode, one key takeoff, and landing: The drone is also equipped with the headless mode function. Since the HS720 has a long flight range, you will be happy that it has headless mode, which aligns the drone automatically so it can fly right. The one key takeoff and landing, which you can find on the controller either launches the drone or gets it to start landing.

It comes with a carrying case with space for the controller and accessories so travel is a breeze. The main body has a rectangular shape with a slight bulk at the front, where the camera is, and a tapering at the end, where the battery goes. Its four arms can extend to the corners to give the blades room to rotate. Construction is top-notch. It has a good balance weight and doesn’t look cheap instead of more professional.

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Product Features and Highlights

• 4K UHD Camera shooting 3840 x 2160 high-resolution images and videos.
• 90°adjustable Camera lens enables you to see the world from different angles.
• GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight, so you Never lose the drone. Auto Return Home whenever the battery is low or the signal is lost.
• Smart to flying experience with Follow Me mode, Flying along a path you set, or fly around a point in circles.
• 26 Minutes of flight time on a single charge.
• Long-life Brushless Motors have lower power consumption and give you a quieter flight.
• Foldable design and well-fitted carrying case make it easy to take the drone outdoor.
• Drone is equipped with multi Sensors for better stability and will allow taking high-quality pics under different flying environments.
• Optical Flow Positioning makes a great effect when the GPS signal is lost or weak.
• Simple to control for even beginners with one key start/stop, emergency stop, altitude hold, and safe flight.
• The control range of the 2.4GHz transmitter gives the drone a flight range of 3000 feet.
• Battery level and GPS signal is shown on the LED screen.

It has a stylish and protective carry-case.
Long-distance flight and controller connection range.
High-quality 2K camera with a wide-angle of view and certain adjustable features.
The SD card slot is a nice touch.
Precise and responsive to commands.
Quiet and smooth while in flight.
You get six extra propeller blades.
Folds into a nice and compact size.

Long Battery charging time is about 7 hours which is a bit long.