Laughing Smith Ultra Prank Kit 18 Gags and 76 Pieces

Ultra Prank Kit by Laughing Smith – Ultimate Pranks Pack & Jokes – Perfect Party Favors & Fun Gifts

Laughing Smith Ultra Prank Kit is one of the best world’s classic Prank kits. This Ultra Prank Kit contains a bumper box of 18 gags and a total of 76 pieces. It is a big box of laughter. You can trick your friends, family, and work colleagues with this Laughing Smith’s Prank kit! No other prank set gives you more ways to make your victims scream in shock and cry with laughter!

You’ll find all the best classic gags in this prank kit along with some new pranks. It is sure to get a memorable reaction and hours of face-aching belly laughs. Designed this prank kit to include everything you need to surprise and scare your unsuspecting victims! Laughing Smith pranks are tried & tested to cause seriously contagious laughter. This hilarious joke box provides pranksters young and old with endless hours of fun and is very affordable!

Amazed and surprised face and the Laughing Smith Ultra Prank Kit

Contains a Bumper box of 18 gags: Rattlesnake Eggs, Crappy Diaper, 5 Fake Lottery Tickets, Glow In The Dark Fake Snot, Fortune Teller Miracle Fish, Fake Million Dollar Bill, 25 Comic Parking Tickets, Shock Pen, Fake Chewed Gum, Fake Ice Ice Buggy Ice Cube Bug, 10 Fake Flies, Whoopee Whistle, Whoopee Cushion, Snap Chewing Gum Prank, 18 Fake Spiders, Fake Crap Fake Poop, 3 NYC Size Fake Cockroaches.

Laughing Smith Ultra Prank Kit - Ultra Prank and Joke Box

Boutique Jokes & Pranks: Laughing Smith’s mission is to make customers’ lives full of laughter. They want the Laughing Smith community full of happy pranksters. These pranks will create long-lasting memories and you will always have the maximum fun! That’s why they carefully develop all their products to be of superior quality and look like the real deal. With a Laughing Smith prank, your unsuspecting victims will be totally convinced, and hilariously surprised when your joke unfolds!

Comes in a gift box perfect for any special occasion. If you’re looking for the best prank box/kit this is the one to buy!!! Manufacturer recommended age: 14 years and up
WARNING! The contents in this box will produce excessive and contagious amounts of laughter!

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Laughing Smith Ultra Prank Kit - Includes 76 pieces

Product Features and Highlights

» Laughing Smith Ultra Prank Kit is one of the best Prank kits you can buy to trick your victim
» This bumper bag of gags lets you trick your friends and family over and over again
» The prank kit includes the best classic pranks, plus some new jokes – guaranteed to shock & surprise!
» Includes 18 Gags and 76 Pieces for serious Prankers and for a super affordable price
» Contains classic old pranks like fake doggy doo to amazing new gags like fake lotto tickets
» Includes a whopping 18 different jokes to trick that can scare your victims
» Prank stuff, pranks for kids, prank gifts, prank toys or prank kits for kids, so many varieties
» Super realistic Pranks that get a memorable reaction and it’s for both kids and adults
» Your unsuspecting victims will be totally convinced & hilariously surprised when your joke unfolds!
» Give the gift of endless laughter. Enjoy the best reactions and hours of belly laughs!
» This hilarious prank pack makes the ultimate prank set for kids and fun-loving adults
» Perfect if you’re looking for stocking stuffers, party favors, pranks for adults, or a prank kit for adults.
» Boutique Jokes & Pranks – stuff in this ultimate kids prank kit, look and feel like the real deal