Lopom X11 Drone with 4K Camera Live Video

Lopom X11 GPS Drone with 4K Camera Quadcopter Dual Camera 40mins Flight Time (2 Batteries)

Lopom X11 Drone is a dual camera drone with a 4K UHD nose camera and a 720P bottom camera. Dual cameras can capture more details and solve the limitation of the single-lens picture range. The video frame rate can be changed from ( 4K 30fps) to satisfy different requirements. It has GPS with more precise positioning, more powerful battery, and more stable flight than its original version. The upgraded rechargeable 2000mAh battery, which is more durable than the original version, prolongs the flight time and does not consume electricity.

Lopom X11 is equipped with Smart Return Home intelligent RTH (Return-To-Home) function. With RTH, the drone will return to its start point when the battery is low or when losing the signal. With RTH Button Return, you will never be afraid of losing your drone.

The Upgraded 5GHz FPV (first person view) transmission ensures fast and high-quality real-time video without any video lag or delay! It captures and transmits crystal clear photos and stable videos. The voice will be recorded together with the video.

Design Flight Path function lets you design a flight path on the App page and the drone will fly along that path only.

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Point of Interest function sets a specific building or position as your point of interest. Your drone will continuously circle around the preset point. Click on any point on the APP interface, it’ll automatically fly according to the assigned point, which allows the pilot to focus on camera control and enables more complex shots.

With Auto Follow Mode, the Drone will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view. An advanced GPS system makes it completely aware of its location and relation to you. The camera lens will keep pointing at the mobile phone and remain at a constant distance to the mobile phone. Gravity Control enables the drone to follow the direction you move your mobile/ smartphone.

With Gesture Control Function make a “Yeah” gesture, the camera takes a photo; The drone also has Headless Mode. Easier to control and fly back when the drone is out of sight. For beginners, it is a great choice. MV Mode: You can use mYou can use mv mode in the app, add music, etc., make the pleasure of making the video you shoot.v mode in the app.

Four spiral blades with protective frame provide more protection for you. Then you don’t worry about hitting caused by unfamiliar operation.

What’s in the Package: 1 x X11 Drone | 1 x 2.4G Transmitter | 2 x Li-Ion Modular Battery | 1 x Carrying Case | 1 x Charging Cable | 4 x Spare Propeller (Additional ) | 4x Protection Frames | 1 x Instruction Manual
lopom x11 drone - Modes and features
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Features and Highlights of Lopom X11 Drone

• The drone is designed with 2 cameras. The nose camera is 4K UHD and has another 720p camera on the bottom
• With these cameras, you can create comprehensive and perfect pictures like the movie
• Captured pictures & videos will be uploaded to the app in real-time
• 7.4V2000mAh batteries can maintain sufficient flight time. An extra battery is included in the package
• A fully charged battery can maintain flight time for 20 minutes. With 2 batteries about 40 minutes of flight time
• Double positioning modes (GPS Positioning & Optical Flow Positioning) can achieve precise results
• The drone can hover stably for aerial photography and videography
• Air pressure altitude and low noise make your drone more stable and quiet during its flight
• When you are tired and want to free your hands, you can turn on hovering Follow Me mode
• The smart headless mode doesn’t need to keep the drone in one direction all the time
• Gestures Control & Gravity Control & Trajectory Flight: Make gestures and the camera will start to work.
• Gravity Sensor Mode allows the user to control the drone by holding and moving the smartphone accordingly
• Draw a route on your app then the drone will fly along the path you set. Add much fun to your flight!
• The same test results show that the strong built motor is still intact after repeated impact and drop tests
• The fuselage is made of durable and hard ABS material, which has undergone thousands of collision tests
• It is easy to control. You can operate the remote control no matter which position the drone is in