Ruko U11 Pro Drone for Adults with GPS, 4K UHD Camera

Ruko Drone U11 Pro Quadcopter with GPS, 4K UHD Camera, Multi-Functions, 5G FPV Transmission, 50 Mins Flight Time, Suitable for Beginners

Ruko U11 Pro Drone is compact & foldable, equipped with many great features & functions. It is mainly built for adults/experienced users but also suitable for beginners. U11 Pro is fitted with a 4K camera with a shock absorber that can reduce blurring and ensures stabilized images.

Last update was on: June 15, 2024 9:51 pm

A 90° adjustable lens & 120° Wide-Angle with 5G fluent FPV transmission will help you capture much more treasured moments of life. It offers 6 photo filter effects to create a different style for your photography. You can easily get the photo effects you’ve ever dreamed of. Upgraded image transmission technology ensures 4K image quality that is smooth, clear, and reliable at distances of up to 1640ft (Outdoor and unobstructed).

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This drone uses a Double altitude hold technology. Optical flow positioning and air pressure positioning hover it in one spot without touching the remote control for some time. The upgraded optical flow positioning technology makes indoor flying very stable. The Additional Features bring you endless fun, the follow-me feature can be realized automatically no matter where you go. The point of Interest feature can let the drone fly in a circle to take 360° video or picture, Waypoint feature can fly along the path you set.

Ruko U11 Pro has Brushless motors and withstands Level 5 wind resistance. Brushless motors have higher aerodynamic efficiency and produce very little noise. It ensures a more smooth and powerful flight with a low chance of breakdown. It can resist level 5 wind, so your footage is stable even when flying in windy conditions.
The drone has an eye-catching compact design structure and is easy to carry. It is also foldable. Provided premium protection carrying case allows you to carry it where you want to and capture happy moments.

Your package should come with 2 intelligent batteries. Each battery supports 25 minutes max flight time to compose perfect shots. Less Charging, More Flying. With 2 batteries you should get around 50 minutes of total flight time in normal wind conditions.
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Ruko U11 Pro Drone - Flying the drone

Ruko U11 Pro Drone Features and Highlights

• 4K UHD camera with 90°adjustable lens to let you see the world from different perspectives
• Capture 3840×2160 pixels Ultra HD pictures (store in smartphone)
• 5GHz FPV transmission technology offers faster and more smooth real-time video, without any delay
• Equipped with GPS & GLONASS Navigation Satellite System
• It has different modes to make it easier to fly
• It has multi-features such as Follow-Me, Point of Interest, Waypoint, and more
• With Return to home feature, the drone will come right back home when on low battery or out of control
• The Beginner Mode will be a nice touch for the New Learners
• The drone comes with tons of extras to help you focus on your video or image creation
• It is of compact design, Portable, and Lightweight – allows you to take it wherever and whenever
• Great for outdoor activities, and to get that overhead photo shots and videos
• This drone with brushless motors offer more efficient flight performance – less noise, and a longer lifespan
• Lower maintenance cost & concerns than brushed motors
• 2 intelligent Lithium-ion batteries extend your sky trip up to 50 minutes

Last update was on: June 15, 2024 9:51 pm