The Irritator 3000 (Gagster) 3 Annoying Noise Makers PCBs

Gagster The Irritator 3000 – Prank Stuff to Drive ‘em Crazy – Magnetic Gag Toys for Kids – Batteries Included

The gagster machine Irritator 3000 is designed to irritate and amuse your friends and family. The Gagster The Irritator 3000 is a hilarious way for you to enter the prankster book of fame.

It comes with three different gags, all of which are sure to make people either irritate or laugh. Whether you’re trying to prank your friends or just have some fun, this Gag machine is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Gagster The Irritator 3000 - The toy box and showing 3 PCBs

The Irritator 3000 is known for its high-pitched chirping noise, while the Cat Meow comes from a pet cat, and the Water Drip is created by dripping water. Each type of sound has its own unique characteristics that can be exciting or irritating, depending on the listener’s preference.

The Irritator 3000 is small in size and easy to hide.

It is very easy to use and it plays random sounds every 5-25 minutes, and each sound is different. The Irritator 3000 is perfect for pranksters and people who enjoy being entertained. If you use them all together, you never know what sound you’ll get nor exactly when it will play. The consequence is that it is almost impossible to pinpoint where the sound is coming from. It is an interesting novelty toy that can be amusing to play with, but it’s not something that would be used every day.

Gagster The Irritator 3000 comes with 3 batteries inside + 9 spares. Long lasting Prank

The Irritator 3000 is a high-quality, low-cost gag machine that comes with a built-in magnet. You can hide it so well that it will be hard for someone to detect. Perfect for the office filing cabinet, desk, or chair. It has 3 batteries inside each device and a further 3 spares. It will work for over a month without changing batteries at all!

Looking for a gag gift that will really irritate your friends and family or make them laugh? Check out Irritator 3000!
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The Irritator 3000 - Your entry into the Prankster Hall of Fame

Product Features and Highlights

» Gagster The Irritator 3000 is a bundle of 3 annoying PCBs that will spice up a dull day.
» They can be used individually or together to create a truly aggravating experience.
» You can create havoc with its cricket sounds, water drip, and cat meow prank noisemakers.
» Small in size (1.5 x 3”) and magnetic, that is easy to hide.
» Each of these prank noisemaker plays a sound at an interval of 5-45 minutes apart.
» The best part about it is that you can personalize this unique noise maker.
» There’ll be no doubt who is responsible for driving your coworker, friend, or family crazy
» Just place it somewhere near where your target will be spending time, and watch the fun ensue.
» This device comes with 3 batteries and 3 spares, so you can keep the fun going for hours on end.
» Plus, the On/Off switch allows you to prolong the prank as long as you like.
» Gagster always brings you great quality general prank stuff, gag gifts, and pranks for adults & kids.
» Buy these practical jokes today & really annoy your favorite prankee.
» Warning: Giggling is hazardous to the success of your prank.