Ultimate Squishy Human Body (From SmartLab)

SmartLab Toys Ultimate Squishy Human Body Lab STEAM Toy with SmartScan Technology

Ultimate Squishy Human Body with SmartScan Technology features a 16-inch-tall human anatomy model. This Squishy Human Body has realistic removable squishy organs, articulated joints, and an electronic sound module. The SmartScan base senses when a body piece is placed on top and provides anatomical information, ask questions and allows users to quiz themselves on their knowledge of human biology.

SmartLab Toys Ultimate Squishy Human Body Lab with SmartScan Technology

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Sculpted using 3D medical data from a real human body. The detailed, realistic human anatomy model is composed of 10 removable squishy organs and 15 other removable bones, muscles, and organs. Over-the-top details will impress young aspiring scientists and medical professionals alike, including the detailed mandible on the skull that opens and closes, a transparent lung displaying the inner workings of the respiratory system, and joints that bend and rotate. When one of the eight removable SmartParts in this Smartlab Squishy Human Body is placed on the electronic SmartScan module, the scanner recognizes the part and prompts you to select Scan Mode or Quiz Mode.

Ultimate Squishy Human Body - Full body scan                            Ultimate Squishy Human Body - includes Illustrated Anatomy Book 01

Ultimate Squishy Human Body - Scanner plus brain scan                 Ultimate Squishy Human Body - includes Illustrated Anatomy Book 02

In Scan Mode, you’ll hear information about the part, the system it belongs to, and fun facts.
In Quiz Mode, you’ll test your knowledge by placing the correct SmartPart on the scanner to answer 70 quiz questions.

The module also produces sounds based on the organ in question, so expect to hear some burps and gurgles! Other components include an Organ-izer chart, assembly sheet, quick-start guide, and 48-page book packed with detailed explanations, colorful illustrations, and fun facts about your amazing human body. You’ll also discover how your body works and how to keep it healthy, in good shape, and going strong!

Using the Smartlab Ultimate Squishy Human Body kids can explore the complex inner workings of the human body and literally see how it all works! This toy is, indeed, the ultimate human body educational product. Expect this remarkable model to be treasured, talked about, and handed down to the next generation.
SmartLab Toys are proof that learning can be fun!
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Product Features and Highlights

» Ultimate Squishy Human Body is the most advanced & complete human body discovery toy
» Take an interactive tour as you remove 25 body parts from the articulated human body model
» All major organs, muscles, and bones – identify each part and then test your knowledge
» The electronic scanning platform that includes lights and sounds
» Scan removable SmartParts to learn fun facts, take a quiz, and hear funny sounds!

» Hear funny, realistic sounds of the digestive system, lungs inhaling and exhaling, and more!
» 32 pieces, exceptional value: Includes 16-inch Tall Human Body Model; 25 Removable Body Parts
» The Set includes 10 squishy organs & 8 SmartParts, Scanner Base with SmartScan Technology
» +Removable Stand, Chart, Quick-Start Guide, Assembly Sheet, 48-Page Illustrated Anatomy Book
» Anatomy book guides you through: Starting with cells, Body’s bodybuilders, Ending with the brain
» The full-color, illustrated anatomy book provides humorous yet accurate and thorough descriptions and explanations of every part of the human body
» Great anatomy and biology lesson plan for a homeschool curriculum or for any kid (or adult)
» Ultimate Squishy Human Body is designed for kids & budding scientists ages 8 and up
» Three AAA batteries are required but not included.