Air Hogs Super Soft Jump Fury Car, with Zero-Damage Wheels

Air Hogs Jump Fury with Zero-Damage Wheels, Extreme Jumping Super Soft RC Car, 1:15 Scale

Unlike other RC cars, Air Hogs Super Soft Jump Fury Car is built to jump high and land softly, without damage. Catch extreme air with this all-new innovative RC truck! Air Hogs Jump Fury can jump up to 22 inches high, puts insane speed and precision stunt driving in your hands.

Last update was on: June 28, 2024 5:48 am

Jump on, over, and on top of the competition! Go wild indoors and master epic stunts including 360-degree spins, flips, drops, rebounds, and more! The innovative performance wheels are super soft they won’t scratch walls or furniture, so it is safe to play indoors. The full-function 2.4GHz remote control allows you to control your Jump Fury from up to 100 feet range!

To drive your Jump Fury, push up on the left controller stick and pull down to drive in reverse. The right controller stick will steer left to right. Use the right stick to steer around obstacles or pull off epic stunts. To do a donut, hold the right stick in one direction and it will start spinning on the spot. To catch extreme air, press the jump button on the top right of your controller. This will prepare jump fury to launch in the air. This can take up to 7 seconds.

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Once the jump-ready light is solid, soar into the sky by pushing the jump button on the controller. You’ll hear a noise from the jump, but the super-soft tires protect your home from any damage. Air Hogs Super Soft Jump Fury Car can jump from standing still or while driving. Just make sure it’s on a flat surface. If the angle is too steep to jump, the light will flash, telling you to move it to a flat surface. If you load a jump by pushing the jump button, you must make the jump within 20 seconds or it’ll reset and you’ll have to restart the process. Going wild indoors means you might need to do a little care and maintenance, so your jumps are always epic.

To correct Jump Fury’s alignment use the buttons on your controller. If Jump fury veers to the left, push the right button until it’s corrected. If it veers to the right push the left button. If your controller isn’t pairing with Jump fury, do a hard reset. Remove the controller batteries, turn off the power on Jump fury and restart the pairing sequence. For the best Jump fury experience always make sure it is fully charged and using fresh batteries.
Air Hogs Super Soft Jump Fury Car - Jumps up to 22 Ad
Easy to control and drive makes it a great toy for all ages! Jump higher and drive harder with the all-new Air Hogs Jump Fury. Hope you’re not scared of heights! Now go wild indoors with Jump fury – The furiously soft RC
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Air Hogs Super Soft Jump Fury Car Features and Highlights

• All-new jumping action launches Air Hogs Jump Fury up to 22 inches in the air!
• Jump on, over, and on top of the competition.
• Unlike other RC cars, Jump Fury is built to jump high and land softly without damage!
• Parents love the no damage tires and kids love being able to go where no other RC car can
• The innovative performance wheels are custom designed to not scratch walls or furniture
• Air Hogs Jump Fury jumps, flips, 360-degree spins, wheelies
• It can rebound off walls, race downstairs, drive over objects, and more!
• It’s fun and easy to master stunts anywhere indoors!
• Air Hog Jump Fury is designed to withstand crashes and bumps and keep on going!
• Its lightweight design provides high performance and lets you race at high speeds anywhere indoors!
• Up to 25 minutes drive time
• USB rechargeable; remote requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
• Toys for kids from ages 4 and up
• Includes: 1 Jump Fury, 1 Controller, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Instruction Guide
• Covered by the Spin Master Care Commitment

Last update was on: June 28, 2024 5:48 am