ARpedia STEM Learning Toy Game

ARpedia Interactive STEM Learning Toy Game 3D Digital Contents with Paper Books – Fun Hands-on Learning Activities with AR Technology

ARpedia STEM Learning Toy Game extends your reading experience beyond the pages. Expands kids’ knowledge of the world with augmented reality and interactive educational content. Experience the best aspects of digital and print. Read the Real World!

ARpedia Interactive STEM Learning Toy Game lets you explore STEM subjects. Books cover important STEM subjects, such as space, weather, robots, animals, and more. Interact with Digital Contents, spark your imagination and trigger your visual and auditory senses. You can Personalize your story and create your own digital characters. Add yourself to the story. Kids can make their learning fun. They can enrich their learning experience with augmented reality and fun activities!

Expand and explore STEM subjects. Interact with characters from classic fairy tale stories. Learn about community helpers through various stories and interactive educational activities. There are 120 interactive AR (Augmented Reality) science experiments on your device. Learn with fun. Included SPOTTY works with the entire series of ARpedia. The next series of books will be released soon. So kids can enjoy this interactive learning more and more

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5 Step Setup

(1) Connecting to spotty: In the box, you will find spotty and two USB-C cables – short and long. Remove the protection film on spotty’s camera lens. Try not to leave any fingerprints on the camera lens. Grab spotty’s head and pull it all the way up until you hear a soft clicking sound. Place your device on the base and secure it onto spotty with the bow tie.
Spotty comes with 2 USB-C cables. You may need to use another USB cable type if your device is not compatible with USB-C. Connect your device with the USB cable. Press the power button for 3 sec until the light turns white.
(2) Verifying the book: Originally purchased copies of books need to be verified with a QR code before use. Scan the QR code from the book cover by putting it underneath spotty’s camera. If spotty is unable to read your QR code, enter the Product Key written under the QR code.
(3) Playing the book: Open the ARpedia app. Place the cover of the book in front of spotty. The contents will automatically start on the screen. While the book is being loaded make sure you have all the markers with you. Skip the inner page and go to page 2 of the book. The digital content will start from here. Remember to press the book flat. Various interactive effects will appear on each page. Move on to the next page. When you see the turn page mark on the bottom right-hand corner. To play another book, go to play another book in the menu navigation.

(4) Using the markers: Place the markers over the guided line to interact with marker activities. Try not to cover the marker with your hand. Hold the handle of the marker and place the marker in the right place. You can create extra copies of the coloring marker template on your own to use later. You can color in the coloring marker any way you want. Place the coloring marker over the guided line. Press the button to add your work to the screen. Ta-Da. Look at how my coloring marker transforms on the screen. When finished, store the markers in the pocket at the back of each book.
ARpedia STEM Learning Toy Game - Spotty, Kid and the paper book
(5) Setting up your profile picture: To add or change your profile picture, go to profile in the menu navigation. Make sure the face fully fits into the circle.

Are you ready to read the real world?

Included: Spotty (Camera embedded smart tablet holder), 1 Dinosaur and 1 Space paper book from “Into the Curiosity Q” Book series, 4 sheets of paper interactive characters, 2 coloring pages to create custom characters. Requires a Tablet to use.

Compatible Devices
ARpedia is designed for both tablets and mobile devices. Recommended using the tablet for the full interactive and engaging ARpedia experience.
* Please check your device compatibility * Amazon Fire devices and other tablets not listed on the compatible devices list are not supported currently
Requires iOS 13 or Android 6 Above. Compatible with iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd gen, iPad 7th gen (10.2″), iPad 8th gen (10.2″), iPad Pro 2nd gen (11″), iPad Pro 3rd gen (11″), iPad Pro 4th gen (11″).
Also compatible with Android tablets Samsung, Lenovo 3GB RAM above, Except 12″ above. ARpedia app is required to experience all the content.
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Features and Highlights of ARpedia STEM Learning Toy Game

• Explore STEM subjects with augmented reality (AR)!
• Extend your child’s STEM reading experience beyond the pages.
• When you open each book, digital content will appear on your tablet for interactive learning and it’s fun
• ARpedia books cover STEM subjects that are shown to attract the curiosity of children ages 4-9 years old
• The Dinosaur and Space stories and visuals are designed for your children’s reading comprehension levels
• The 2 different encyclopedia books make education more engaging, expand your child’s knowledge of the world
• Spark your child’s creativity with fun activities that involve their visual and auditory senses