Lego Vidiyo Hiphop Robot Beatbox 43107

Lego 43107 Vidiyo Hiphop Robot Beatbox Building Kit – for Creative Kids Who Love Making Music Videos

Lego Vidiyo Hiphop Robot Beatbox opens up the world of music video making for kids who love to dance and perform and makes every playtime exciting. Creative kids will love producing pop music videos full of songs, dance moves and effects with this portable BeatBox playset and the free augmented reality app.

Play starts right away as kids bring their character to life within their video, using the app. Now they can turn screen time into creativity time -share their love of music as they direct, produce and star in music videos. The Lego Vidiyo app is compatible with selected iOS and Android devices. Please check compatibility Here. Scan the QR code to see device compatibility. Children should ask parents’ permission before going online.

The box folds up to take the musical world on tour, with space to store the brick-built scan stage, 16 BeatBits and the robot minifigure. This augmented reality music video maker set comes with instructions and a collector’s leaflet for kids aged 7+.

Download the free app to scan the music minifigure and reveal the robot’s cool stage persona. Then scan the BeatBits to unlock special effects, challenges and more as kids discover the hidden side of hip-hop music video, to share with other creators in the kid-safe social feed. Kids will love styling the BeatBox using the Lego pieces. They can choose from a boom box, spray can or wrench design – or make up their own.
The BeatBox folds up with space to store the BeatBits and minifigure so it’s ideal for play on the go. LEGO VIDIYO sets offer a safe social play experience, helping kids become directors, producers and stars of their own music videos. See their creativity grow as they produce videos packed with musical mash-ups, fun characters, songs, dance moves and amazing effects.

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Useful info:
» It’s easy to get started – Download the VIDIYO app to choose music, scan the minifigure and BeatBits, then customize and perform with the HipHop Robot.
» Parental dashboard – Parents stay in control of what their child can access.
» Enjoy peace of mind online – All video uploads and comments are moderated.
» Lots to discover – BeatBox includes 14 random BeatBits and 2 special BeatBits.
» Unlock cool content – Each BeatBit unlocks exciting effects when scanned.
» Customize videos with BeatBits – Discover over 90 BeatBits to collect across the range.
» Music Video Maker | Expand the band – With 12 Bandmates, 6 BeatBoxes and over 90 BeatBits to collect, there’s lots to explore in the LEGO VIDIYO universe.
Lego Vidiyo Hiphop Robot Beatbox - Screen play

Features & Highlights

• Vidiyo HipHop Robot BeatBox Lego set 43107 with robot minifigure
• See kids get creative, producing their own music videos using the free app
• Includes 16 BeatBits to unlock different effects, rewards and more
• Download the free LEGO VIDIYO app to scan the minifigure and special effect BeatBits
• Kids will be overwhelmed with joy seeing their character come to life within their hip-hop music video
• Scan the BeatBits in the app to unlock special effects.
• A fun music experience for a boy or girl aged 7 and up
• Lego Vidiyo Sets can make great holiday gift for any child who loves music toys, dancing and performing
• Lego Vidiyo Hiphop Robot Beatbox help kids produce and share exciting music videos
Lego components are manufactured from high-quality materials
• Compatible with selected iOS and Android devices
• Measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 2 in. (7 cm) long and 3 in. (10 cm) wide
• Includes a robot minifigure, microphone accessory, 14 random BeatBits and 2 special BeatBits
• Box contains total 73 pieces

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