Really RAD Robots Turbo Bot

Really RAD Robots Electronic Remote Control Robot Turbo Bot

Really RAD Robots Turbo Bot is built for speed and tricks! With over 60 functions and sounds, you can take control of Turbo Bot through his Really RAD remote. You can control it with the remote, make it dance, and let it play pranks! With sounds and functions, this robot responds to your voice, tells jokes and much more.

Really RAD robots turbo bot is seriously awesome! You will love it once you get one in your hands. Kids at home will play with this robot all day! Turbo’s remote is full of features including a “Turbo” Boost” button! Switch to “Turbo Mode” and check out why this Robot matches its name! It even has Crash recognition! Turbo knows when it has hit something and can change direction! With voice command, you can tell Turbo what to do or just chat with him!

Turbo is full of personality! With a databank of cool sound effects and expressive light-up eyes, Turbo loves to prank and make you laugh! This Turbo bot from Really RAD Robots can record you and others! Sneak into a room, record their conversation and make a fast getaway before one can find out! Take control! It’s time to roll with Turbo. A machine made for speed and has a smart-talking mouth!
Inside the box, you will get: 1 x Turbo Bot Robot; 1 x remote; 1 x Instruction Manual

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Features of Really RAD Robots Turbo Bot

• This Turbo Bot Robot is built for speed! Turbo boost switch on the Remote Control makes it fully functional.
• Control on-demand with the RAD remote!
• Make it Spin, Dance, Explore or even tell you a joke using voice command.
• With the record function, you can spy and secretly record their conversation.
• Trick, prank and surprise your friends by recording a message and play it back.
• Play with friends or alone for an imaginative and creative experience.
• While exploring, Turbo will avoid obstacles. It feels every bump on its way. • Turbo bot is full of personality – with its database full of sound effects and fast-talking comments. • Batteries required: 3 x AA Batteries (Not included)