Ninja Bots Battling Robots

Hilarious Ninja Bots Battling Robots (Blue) With 3 Weapons

Ninja Bots Battling Robots is cool and hilarious. Discover the power of this pack and begin your journey to Ninja Bots mastery! The Single Pack comes with the legendary Blue Cobra Ninja Bot, 3 weapons, a trainer, and a battle shield. Arm your Ninja Bot and listen for funny sounds and phrases as your Ninja Bot recognizes the weapon!

With an IR sensor, it’s up to you to train your Ninja Bot with hand gestures to level up from white to black belt (4 belt levels in total). When you’re ready to fight the trainer, you can choose from 14 battle styles to unlock as you go! Upon winning the battle and knocking off the trainer’s head and arms, your Ninja Bot does a comical victory dance! For more battles, look for the Ninja Bots Double Pack with Red Dragon and Black Tiger (sold separately). Bring home endless battling fun with the Ninja Bots Single Pack!

With nun chucks, a plunger, and a frying pan included, choose your favorite weapon and arm your legendary Blue Cobra Ninja Bot for battle. Ninja Bots feature weapon recognition and respond with silly sounds and phrases depending on the weapon! Select the plunger and place it in your Ninja Bot’s hand to hear suction sounds and a comical toilet flush when you remove it!

Press the button on your Ninja Bot’s head to enter training mode. Equipped with IR sensors, Ninja Bots can respond to your movements! Using simple chop, swipe, and push hand gestures, it’s up to you to get your Ninja Bot ready to battle against the trainer or another Ninja Bot (Double Pack sold separately)! As you continue to train your Ninja Bot, you’ll unlock new battle styles that you can use!

When you’re ready to battle, use the chopping motion to choose your favorite battle style and prepare for a hilarious Ninja Bot battle. Watch as your Blue Cobra Ninja Bot swings its weapons and attacks the trainer! Upon winning the battle and knocking off the trainer’s head and arms, your Ninja Bot does a comical victory dance! Battle again and again!

Your Ninja Bot becomes a better fighter as you train and win battles. There are 4 different belt levels and your Ninja Bot’s LED eyes will light up to match! Each level features different battle styles to discover as you play! Level all the way up from white to back belt to unlock new battle styles. There are a total of 14 hilarious battle styles, like Spinning Rooster, Cobra Kick, Dragon Rage, and more!

Experience wacky, over-the-top battles with Ninja Bots, hilarious interactive battling robots!

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Product Features & Highlights

• This set includes the Blue Cobra, The hilarious Ninja battling Robot.
• Each Ninja Bot’s silly personality comes to life with its own set of weapons.
• It has over 100 unique sounds & movements!
• Before battle, arm your Ninja Bot! Choose from 3 weapons – nun chucks, plunger or frying pan!
• With weapon recognition, Ninja Bots respond with funny sounds & phrases when you arm or disarm!
• Using simple hand gestures, it’s easy to train your Ninja Bot for 1 or 2-player battles.
• Equipped with IR sensors, Ninja Bots respond to your movements!
• As you train and win battles, your Ninja Bot becomes a better fighter!
• With 4 belt levels, start at white and advance to black! As you level up, unlock 14 different battle styles!
• Includes: 1 Ninja Bot, 1 Trainer, 3 Weapons, 1 Battle Shield, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 Instruction Sheet