Rocky Reuse It Deluxe Truck from Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Rocky’s Reuse It Deluxe Truck with Collectible Toy Figure and 3 Tools

With Rocky Reuse It Deluxe Truck you can recycle materials and turn them into tools to help you save the day.

Don’t lose it, Re-use it! Rocky’s all-new Reuse It Truck helps rocky reuse materials and transform them into tools. Let’s unbox it, you’ll find one Reuse Truck with the dumpster attached, one rocky figure, two recycle cubes, three tools, and the instruction guide. The truck can’t drive itself, start by placing rocky behind the wheel, now slide the knob on the side all the way forward. Next, open the lid and place rocky’s tools inside. He is now ready to go. Rocky is on his way.

Last update was on: March 22, 2024 7:59 am

The news came, a storm has swept through adventure bay and it made a mess of everything. Well, this looks like a job for Rocky’s Reuse-It-Truck. Load up the dumpster with cubes, get ready to turn the debris of adventure bay into something totally new. Push down the lever on the truck to make the arms lift. Watch as the dumpster empties, the cubes into the back of rocky’s truck. Slide the knob on the side of the truck to get a sneak peek at the compactor through the side window. So cool once the cubes are in the back, slide the knob. They transformed the three handy tools. Now Rocky is ready to rebuild the adventure bay.

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It’s time to remove the dumpster and attach the tools. You can mix and match using up to two tools at a time. Sweep the streets clean with the brush tool, then pick stuff up with the claw tool and make repairs with the hammer tool. You can even rotate the arms. Adventure bay is looking awesome now again. Great job Rocky! Once you’ve completed your mission, lift the top off the truck to store the tools and metal cubes inside.

Team up with the rest of the pups and their rescue vehicles (each sold separately) for more PAW Patrol adventures. Bring home recycling fun with Rocky’s Reuse It Truck.
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Rocky Reuse It Deluxe Truck - The Truck and Smiley Rocky
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Rocky Reuse It Deluxe Truck Features & Highlights

• Fill the dumpster with the metal cubes (2 included) to recycle them
• Push the lever to lift the dumpster and watch as it empties the cubes into the recycler
• Turn the cubes into tools for your reuse
• Slide the knob on the side of the truck to make the compactor working
• When your tools are ready, clip them onto the truck’s arms
• Rocky’s Reuse It Truck includes 3 tools to help you play out your adventures
• Sweep and clean up the streets with the brush, pick up rubbish with the claw and fix things with the hammer
• Rocky’s Reuse It Truck includes: 1 Reuse It Truck, 1 Rocky Figure, 2 Recycle Cubes, 3 Tools, and Guide
• The Paw Patrol Rocky Reuse It Truck is a great gift for Paw Patrol fans, ages 3 years old and up
• No batteries required

Last update was on: March 22, 2024 7:59 am