5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney Toy Store

5 Surprise Disney Store Mini Brands Playset by Zuru – Exclusive Mystery Mini’s, Store & Display Mini Collectibles

5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney Playset is the ultimate gift for young Disney fans! This playset allows children to explore the world of miniature Disney collectibles. With this Disney 5 surprise mini brands set they can create their own magical stories.

Inside the box are five hidden surprise mini brands, each from a different popular Disney franchise. Kids will love finding out what mini-brands they get. They can use them to set up their own toy store scenes.

5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney Toy Set and the Toy Box

Mini Brands Disney Toy Store

Zuru’s Disney Store is the perfect way for kids to experience the magic of Disney in their own home. This playset includes 5 surprise mini-brand toys from classic Disney movies and shorts. It may include Disney favorites from Pixar, Disney, and friends, Disney Princesses, Lucas film, Marvel. and more. Kids can collect all five series of mini brands as well as playset accessories. With this set, kids will have hours of fun creating their own miniature store complete with unique displays. As well as merchandise for each character.

Toy Store Playset Overview

This Toy Store Playset is an educational, interactive playset that allows kids to create their own unique toy store. With these hidden surprises, this playset provides hours of imaginative play and learning. They can build their own Disney-themed shop with accessories included in the set. This allows kids to explore the world of retail and develop problem-solving skills.

5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney toy set assembled - Full view

As kids unbox each surprise, they’ll uncover exclusive mini collectibles. These include 2 exclusive figures, cash registers, base plate, storefront, shelves, and other assorted items for endless fun! With this playset, kids can roleplay as shopkeepers. They can learn about running a business while having a blast adding new surprises to their collection.

Disney Store Design

Opening up a Disney toy store has never been easier with the 5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney by Zuru. This playset gives children the opportunity to build their very own miniature Disney store from the ground up. Comes complete with a base plate, storefront, shelves, and everything else needed to make it come alive. Its colorful, fun design is inspired by real Disney stores around the world!

Front view of the assembled 5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney playset

The highly detailed design of this playset is what truly sets it apart from other toys in its class. Aspiring entrepreneurs can use the included pieces to bring their vision of a Disney-style toy shop to life. They can stock shelves with their favorite characters and accessories as well as display window dressings. There’s no limit to what kids can create!

Holding the 5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney toy box

This playset provides hours of fun for kids who love the Disney brand. They can have all sorts of imaginative play experiences as they recreate their favorite scenes from the movies. The pieces are easy to assemble and durable enough to withstand multiple uses over time. With its colorful and detailed design, it is sure to be a hit among fans of Disney’s characters and stories!

Kids with the assembled 5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney playset
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Product Features and Highlights

» Real Disney-inspired designs with everything you need to build and complete your toy store.
» Build and complete your toy store with included base plates, storefront, and shelves.
» Unbox more Disney Minis to fill out your toy store.
» You have all your Disney favorites from Pixar, Disney and friends, Disney Princesses, Lucasfilm, and Marvel.

Disney 50+ Minis - Collect them all» 5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney contains perfect replicas of your favorite Disney toy characters.
» Incredible design detail to delight collectors, kids, and kids at heart.
» Can you find the ultra-rare GOLD minis?
» Which minis will you find hiding inside? Your collection won’t be complete without these iconic minis.
» Check off the miniature Disney brands you find on your collector’s guide shopping list!
» This awesome store includes real interactive Disney sounds.


The 5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney Store is a great toy set for fans of Disney movies. This unique playset includes five surprise mini brands, which children can use to create their own pretend shop. The playset comes with a selection of 2 exclusive minis, accessories, and even a cash register. With interactive sounds along with mini-figures, it is the ultimate set for your Disney Store Mini Brands collection! What 5 Surprises will you unbox? There are over 50 miniatures of your favorite Disney toys to collect, including ultra-rare gold minis!