AT TE Walker | Lego 75337

Lego Star Wars AT TE Walker 75337 Poseable Toy (1,082 Pieces), Revenge of the Sith Set

The AT TE Walker (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer) is the new 2022 Lego set for Star Wars fans. This Lego 75337 is a 1082-piece set, perfect for action play and display.

The mighty AT TE Walker Revenge of the Sith Set measures 18.9 x 14.88 x 2.78 inches. It is packed with amazing features that appeal to kids of all ages. It includes an opening cockpit, adjustable legs, rotating laser cannons, storage compartments, Plus Minifigures & battle droids. The Minifigure 5 Characters are 212th Clone Gunner, Commander Cody, 212th Clone Trooper, Battle Droid, Dwarf Spider Droid.

AT TE Walker + Minifigures & Droids in battle mode

Kids will love being able to recreate their favorite scenes from the movie. Create their own new ones as they take part in exciting adventures with these characters. Building this Lego creation will bring fans back to the Battle of Utapau. They can build their own battle between the Jedi and Separatist forces with the highly detailed AT TE Walker.

Extendable handle

The Lego AT-TE Walker set is a real-life replica of the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer featured in the movie franchise. This set comes with everything you need to build an exciting model including the weapons.

In order to fully enjoy playing with the model, it’s important to know how to lift and move it safely. The extendable handle allows you to easily move the AT-TE from place to place without having to disassemble it. Thus avoid dealing with bulky storage containers. The first step when lifting the AT-TE is using the handle located on top of its body. When grabbing this handle, users should make sure they have a secure grip. Use both hands so that there is no risk of dropping or tipping over the model.

AT TE Walker For Action Play

Easy-access cockpit and cabins

Lego’s Star Wars AT-TE Walker provides an amazing experience for both kids and adults alike. This unique set includes two cockpits that are open to making it easy to access the interior of the vehicle. The cabins in this set have plenty of space for up to 7 Minifigures. The cockpit features seats and controls so you can pretend to drive along on your adventures. The design and details are accurate enough to give your collection a realistic touch. Kids can recreate battles from their favorite movies with this awesome Lego set!

Heavy blaster cannon

This buildable Set features a detailed AT-TE Walker, complete with heavy blaster cannon that can be rotated and fired. Children can elevate, rotate and activate the heavy cannon for maximum firepower. The Heavy Blaster Cannon provides realistic battle action as it rotates 360 degrees and fires at enemy forces. The cannon can be elevated up to a 45-degree angle – great for setting up strategic defensive positions! Plus, there are additional weapons like 2 stud shooters, 2 thermal detonator elements, and more.

Recreate the battle of Utapau with AT TE Walker | Lego 75337 set

Great set for role play

Lego’s 75337 Star Wars AT-TE Walker set is the perfect way to bring your favorite sci-fi adventure to life. It even includes Includes 5 Lego Star Wars Minifigures and 3 Battle Droids. These characters are sure to add an extra level of engagement and excitement for budding Star Wars fans. They can recreate iconic scenes from the franchise.

The Lego blocks in the set accurately depict details of the body design and firing cannons. You’ll be able to create realistic AT-TE Walker scenes just like it does in the movies! The set also features moveable legs and adjustable feet that allow you full control over where your vehicle goes. Perfect for creating dynamic role-play scenarios with friends or family members.

AT TE Walker - Lots of cool features to inspire hours of play

Building instructions

With this set, Lego has combined traditional building with digital instructions. This technologically advanced set includes 1,082 pieces. The building instructions can be accessed via a compatible smart device or tablet using the free Lego Life App. The app also features 3D visualizations of each step of the build. Allows builders to zoom in on individual pieces and rotate them around while they’re constructing.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach to building, printed instructions are also included in the box. It provides detailed diagrams for each step of assembly.

AT TE Walker - Digital instructions make building extra fun


Lego AT-TE Walker is a great set for any Lego or Star Wars fan. It is perfect for those who want to create their own epic scenes from the movies. The detailed design and construction of this set make it both fun and challenging to build. It also offers plenty of playability once finished, allowing one to recreate their favorite battles over and over again!

Overall, the Lego 75337 set is a must-have for any Lego or Star Wars fan alike. With its intricate design and construction, it brings an authentic experience that can be enjoyed by all ages. With an impressive amount of detail in its pieces and assembly, it’s sure to bring hours upon hours of entertainment. This is something that every Star Wars fan will appreciate. When it’s time to take a break, the set can be used for display in any collection or home decor setup.

Lego 75337 set includes 5 Lego Star Wars Minifigures

Product Features and Highlights

» Recreate the Battle of Utapau from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.
» A cool AT-TE Walker, 5 Lego Minifigures, and 3 Battle Droids.
» AT-TE Walker measures over 7.5 in H X 17 in L and 9.5 in W.
» The AT-TE has posable legs and an extendable handle to lift and move it.
» The detachable cockpit and the 2 detailed cabins for Clone Troopers are easy to access.
» Included top features: A 360-degree-rotating elevating heavy cannon.
» Plus a seat for the 212th Clone Gunner, 6 cannons, 2 thermal elements, and more.
» The set includes 3 Battle Droid figures, a Dwarf Spider Droid figure & Loads of cool weapons.
» Step-by-step illustrated instructions in the box
» Plus Lego Building Instructions app for digital instructions and interactive viewing tools.
» Posable legs, a carrying handle, detachable cockpit, and 2 detailed cabins.
» The playset Contains 1,082 Pieces.