Bluey Tree Playset with Bluey & Fairy Figures, plus Accessories

Bluey Tree Playset: Bring Your Child’s Favorite Moments to Life!

The Bluey Tree Playset is the perfect toy for any child who loves the popular TV show Bluey. This impressive playset stands 11 inches tall and features a replica of the iconic tree from Bluey’s backyard. Packed full of fun and exciting features, this playset allows your child to relive their favorite moments from the show and create new ones!

Design and Quality

The Nature-themed Bluey Tree Playset is designed with bright colors and a colorful design that is sure to catch your child’s attention. Made with high-quality materials, this playset is durable and built to last. It is also easy to assemble, and detailed instructions are included to guide you through the process.
Little girl and an adult with the Bluey Tree Playset

Features and Functionality


– Blueys Tree Playset with Bluey and Fairy Figures, plus Accessories
– 11 inches tall replica of the iconic Bluey tree from the TV show
– 2-sided playset with a swing ladder, rope swing, and fairy hideaway
– Swing ladder from the ‘Obstacle Course’ episode
– Rope swing from the ‘Daddy Putdown’ episode
– Fairy Hideaway from the ‘Barky Boats’ episode
– Figures can climb the ladder, ride the swing, slide down the slide, and relax in the hammock
– Features a ladder and swing on one side, and a secret fairy hideaway behind the canopy on the other side
– Comes with table and stool accessories for added playtime fun
– Includes colorful stickers for decorating the tree
– Bluey figure is articulated and poseable with moving arms and body
– Made with high-quality materials and durable
– Recreate fun scenes and memorable moments from Bluey’s TV show


This 2-sided Bluey Tree Playset offers double the fun! Your child can make their included figures climb up the ladder, ride the swing, and slide down the slide. The secret door adds an element of surprise as they discover a Fairy inside the Fairy Hideaway. The playset is also compatible with other Bluey figures and accessories, allowing for endless imaginative play.
Bluey Tree Playset - Feature labels and details

Pros and Cons
of Bluey Tree Playset


– Bluey’s tree playset encourages imaginative play
– Bright and colorful design
– Includes a variety of accessories
– Made with high-quality and durable materials
– Easy to assemble with detailed instructions
– Safe for children of all ages


– Requires some room space
– The trap door may be difficult to open and doesn’t line up with the slide

Tips and Tricks for Users

To make the most of the Bluey Tree Playset, encourage your child to create their own stories and scenarios using the included figures and accessories. They can also use the stickers to personalize the tree and make it their own. The playset is a great way to engage in imaginative play and bring the magic of Bluey into your home.
Bluey Tree Playset (The tree, 2 figures, table and stool) plus some accessories.


Q: Is the Blueys Tree Playset compatible with other Bluey figures and accessories?
A: Yes, the playset is compatible with other Bluey figures and accessories, allowing for even more playtime fun.

Q: What age range is the Bluey Tree Playset suitable for?
A: The playset is safe for children of all ages, making it suitable for preschoolers and older kids alike.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Overall, the Bluey Magic Xylophone Playset seems to be a hit among children. Despite some minor flaws and a slightly high price tag, the toy brings immense joy to kids. One grandparent mentioned that their granddaughter loves it and carries it around the house with her Bluey figures. The trap door, however, is difficult to open and doesn’t align properly with the slide, causing the character to fall off.

Another customer, a Bluey fan with multiple sets, was excited about the Fairy hideout but was disappointed to find missing stickers and a cardboard Bingo instead of an accessory. They expressed a desire for separate figures rather than duplicates. On the other hand, a parent was impressed by the toy’s vibrant colors and sturdy plastic. Although they enjoy the set, they noted that the trapdoor doesn’t work well with the slide.

Additionally, a customer received a broken hammock with their purchase and contacted product support for a replacement. Despite these issues, they found the set cute, and their son loved the opening tree top and swing. Finally, one customer initially found the toy overpriced but later discovered a great deal on Amazon. They praised the product and its inclusion of a fairy character.
The Bluey Tree Playset showing its contents


Overall, the Bluey Tree Playset is a fantastic toy that will bring hours of entertainment to your child. With its impressive design and exciting features, it allows them to relive their favorite moments from the Bluey’s TV show and create new adventures. Made with high-quality materials, this playset is durable and built to withstand hours of play. Encourage your child’s imagination with the Bluey Tree Playset and watch as they bring the magic of Bluey to life.