Bluey Tree Playset with Bluey & Fairy Figures, plus Accessories

Bluey Tree Toy Playset includes mini Figures, a Secret Fairy Hideaway, Swing, Hammock, and Rope Ladder

If your Kid loves the popular TV show Bluey, then the Bluey Tree Playset is the perfect way to bring their favorite moments to life! This Bluey playset is an impressive 11 inches tall. It features a replica of the iconic tree from Bluey’s backyard. This 2-sided playset is packed full of fun and exciting features. It has the Swing ladder from ‘Obstacle Course’, the Rope Swing from ‘Daddy Putdown’, and the Fairy Hideaway from the ‘Barky Boats’ episode.

Your child can make their included figures climb up the ladder, ride the swing, and slide down the slide. They can even relax in the hammock. There’s even a secret door behind the canopy. It is for them to discover a Fairy inside the Fairy Hideaway! The playset also comes with a table and stool accessories that add more playtime fun. Plus colorful stickers for your child to decorate the tree.
Little girl and an adult with the Bluey Tree Playset
The 2.5-inch Bluey figure that comes with the playset is wearing a Flower Crown. Bluey is articulated and poseable with moving arms and body. This makes it just the right size for preschool hands to grab and play with the figure.

Bluey Tree Playset is sure to bring hours of entertainment to your child. It will give them the opportunity to relive their favorite moments from the TV show, as well as create new ones! Bluey’s tree playset is a great way to bring the magic of Bluey into your home.
Bluey Tree Playset - Feature labels and details


Bluey Tree Playset encourages imaginative play.
The set is bright and has a colorful design.
Comes with a variety of accessories
Made with high-quality materials and durable.
It is easy to assemble and includes detailed instructions.
Safe for children of all ages


Playset may need a bit of room space.
Bluey Tree Playset (The tree, 2 figures, table and stool) plus some accessories.

Key Points

β˜…Β Whopping11” tall replica of the iconic Bluey tree playset
β˜… It features the swing ladder, and rope swing from the show
β˜… Secret door to a Fairy Hideaway behind the canopy
β˜… Feature-packed playset with 2-sided play for double the fun
β˜… Includes Bluey and Fairy figures for imaginative play
The Bluey Tree Playset showing its contents

Product Features and Highlights

β˜… Recreate fun scenes and the most memorable moments from Bluey’s TV show!
β˜… This playset is huge at a whopping 11″ tall and is a replica of the iconic tree in Bluey’s backyard
β˜… Bluey Tree Playset is a feature-packed, with 2-sided play:
β˜… On one side of the tree is a replica of the Poinciana Tree in Bluey’s backyard with a ladder & swing
β˜… On the other side, the canopy flips open to reveal a secret door to a fairy hideaway
β˜… Also, Check out the hammock that your figures can relax in too
β˜… Use the stickers to decorate the tree any way you want
β˜… Set Contents: Treehouse playset 1, Bluey figure 1, Fairy figure 1, Accessories 4 & Sticker sheet 1.