El Bravo Pirate Ship (Santiago of the Seas)

Fisher-Price Interactive El Bravo Pirate Ship Santiago of the Seas with Lights & Sounds, Character figure.

El Bravo Pirate Ship is a new addition to the fleet of pirate ships in the Santiago of the Seas series. The pirate ship that sails the high seas in search of adventure.

The brave and daring crew of the El Bravo is always up for a good fight, and they never back down from a challenge. This Ship is a force to be reckoned with, and anyone who crosses them will regret it.

El Bravo Pirate Ship with Lights, Sounds, Phrases and Story Products.

Interactive & Imaginative Play

Santiago of the Seas fans can now bring all the high-seas action of the show to life with this interactive pirate ship! The El Bravo Pirate Ship comes complete with all the features that young pirate protectors need to have hours of fun. The Pirate Ship playset from Fisher-Price has interactive Lights & Sounds.
When it comes to pirate-themed fun, the El Bravo Pirate Ship is hard to beat! Kids can spin and press the compass, and push the Santiago button to hear familiar character phrases and action sounds. Hear a full pirate adventure story prompts to “steer” their imaginative play, while multi-color lights project on the ship’s sails. Whether your little one is a budding buccaneer or just looking for some swashbuckling fun, this toy is sure to please.

El Bravo Pirate Ship - Spin Dial, Press Button, Hear Pirates Interact.
Santiago and his faithful first mate Kiko are setting sail for new adventures! Join them on their pirate ship as they explore the seas, looking for hidden treasure. Kids will love rolling the ship along for cool realistic “wave” motion. They’ll feel like they’re really out at sea as they help Santiago and Kiko on their quests.

El Bravo Pirate Ship - Nickelodeon’s Santiago of the Seas


​Roll the ship along for realistic “wave” motion
​Sailboard removes for more hands-on, high-seas action
Santiago’s figure can “swing” on the sail’s rope
​Insert the “heart of El Bravo” – just like on the show
​Spin the ship’s wheel to “steer”
​Brave Captain Santiago can walk the plank while patrolling the seas

El Bravo Pirate Ship - Press Button, Sail Lights up, Character Talks

​Includes 3-inch-tall, poseable Santiago figure, Kiko, treasure chest, “gold” coin, and spyglass accessory pieces.
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Product Features and Highlights

» Interactive pirate ship playset with realistic “sailing” motion, lights, sounds, and phrases.
» Full story prompts from Nickelodeon’s Santiago of the Seas animated series.
» Roll the ship along for cool wave motions as kids set sail on treasure-hunting quests.
» Use the compass dial or press the Santiago button for multi-color lights, cool action sounds, songs,
pirate adventure story prompts, and character phrases in English and Spanish.

El Bravo Pirate Ship - Treasure magically disapperars in the hidden chamber.
» The coin play piece “magically” disappears and reappears in the hidden treasure chamber.
» Includes a poseable Santiago figure with a sword, removable sailboard, and Kiko.
» Also includes a treasure chest, coin, spyglass, and “heart of El Bravo” play pieces.
» Encourages action-Packed pretend play and storytelling for preschool kids ages 3 years and up.
» Item arrives in frustration-free, easy-to-open packaging that’s 100% recyclable.