Hot Wheels Colossal Crash – Biggest Motorized Set Ever!

Colossal Crash Speedway Track Set by Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Colossal Crash is the biggest motorized Hot Wheels set ever and a Top-of-the-list toy for the Action Boy in 2019! The track set is over 5 feet long, with two launchers, track loops, and motorized boosters.

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December 24, 2023 5:44 pm
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This keeps the cars zooming around and around. One might ask, will the cars crash in the middle? Well, got to play it and find out – it’s all part of the fun. The game is packed with speed and boosted action to get your cars crashing and smashing!

The track set includes two cars to get you started, but you can always buy more cars for your Hot Wheels collection. This will amp up the racing fun, give you a higher crash chance.

Here is briefly How to play: Place your cars in the launching positions. Turn on the boosters. When you’re ready to launch a car, just pull back on the lever to release. Each launching ramp has its own lever. Cars will follow their own track. The car from the orange launch ramp goes around the orange track, while the car from the green launch ramp goes around the green track. There are two jump ramps, one for each track, that affect the performance of the cars. When lowered, the cars will jump but when raised, the cars will go under the jump ramp.

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A double figure of eight design offers multi-player fun, lets you race lots of cars at once, and ups the potential crash factor! Use the levers to control the action. You can send your cars zooming through the crash zone on the ground or into the air for spectacular aerial crashes! No doubt, Hot Wheels lovers can have hours of competitive fun!

When playtime is over, the loops of the track set fold up for easier storage.

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Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Set Highlights:

Hot Wheels Biggest Motorized Set in 2019!
This ultimate, show-stopping, top-of-the-list toy for kids is over 5 feet wide!
The double figure-8 design offers multi-player racing with lots of cars.
Kids can race all their cars using control levers to send vehicles zooming through the crash zone on the ground or into the air!
Connect this massive track set to other Hot Wheels sets and expand the crashing, smashing, stunting, and racing action kids love
When kids drop the start gate and activate the booster, pulse-pounding speed with multiple crash zones keep the thrills coming.
This is classic Hot Wheels play, complete with super-fast racing and dramatic crashing action.
The Hot Wheels Colossal Crash track set is for Hot Wheels fans ages 5 and up.
This requires six D batteries, which are not included.
Set collapses conveniently and folds up for easy storage.
Assembly is required and is easy to do.

$90.00 $123.99
in stock
December 24, 2023 5:44 pm
Last update was on: December 24, 2023 5:44 pm