Lego Wildflower Bouquet | Lego 10313

Wildflower Bouquet Lego 10313 Artificial Flowers with Poppies and Lavender, Home Decor DIY Botanical Collection

With this imaginative Lego Wildflower Bouquet building set, you can let your imagination run wild and create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

It’s always a happy moment to give and receive flowers, and this Lego Icons Wildflower Bouquet (10313) gives a timeless gift a unique twist. Why not send flowers that never wither or require watering to a loved one in honor of the next special occasion?

Part of the Lego Botanical Collection, this set for adults is crafted entirely from intricate Lego pieces. The vibrant bouquet is made up of 8 different kinds of wildflowers on flexible stems. Flower enthusiasts and aspiring florists can spend hours creating and identifying the blooms inspired by flowers such as gerbera daisies, lavender, Welsh poppies, cow parsley, leather fern, delphiniums, and lupins. Once finished, these Lego flowers can be placed in a favorite vase to make a striking piece of home décor. It will plant seeds of happiness throughout the space where they are placed.
Lego Wildflower Bouquet - Send a loved one flowers that last forever.
This set is an excellent one-of-a-kind gift for flower lovers and will brighten any home. It is a part of the Lego Botanical Collection, which includes plant-based plastic elements made from sustainably sourced sugar cane.

The flowers’ stems are adjustable, so use your imagination to design a unique bouquet that will serve as a striking piece of interior décor.
Build a Wildflower Bouquet with the Lego Wildflower Bouquet Set

Key Points

Build a Wildflower Bouquet: Ready to let your creativity bloom? Build a piece of beautiful home decor that includes 8 species of wildflowers.
Endless bouquet combinations: This set can be combined with the Lego Flower Bouquet 10280 (sold separately) to create a truly unique display.
– Bond over blooms: Share special moments building together.
– Arrange the flowers: Adjust the 16 stems to customize your display.
– Can you identify the species? Among the blooms, you’ll find Welsh poppies and lavender.
Immerse yourself in color: The building set provides an immersive building experience for nature lovers and budding florists.
Send a loved one, flowers that last forever: Flower lovers will adore creating their own stunning Wildflower Bouquet before displaying it proudly in their home.
Immerse yourself in color while buiding Lego Wildflower Bouquet set

Product Features and Highlights

Build and display a lifelike Lego Wildflower Bouquet (10313) with this immersive building project.
The set features 16 individual stems that can be adjusted, allowing you to tailor the height of the flowers and experiment with different arrangements
A mix of flowers: cornflower, lavender, Welsh poppies, cow parsley, leatherleaf ferns, gerbera daisies, larkspur, and lupins
Once complete, this bouquet can be displayed in your own vase as a piece of home decor
Florists and flower lovers can cultivate their own Lego Icons Wildflower Bouquet
The set includes elements made of plant-based plastic, produced from sustainably sourced sugarcane
Adults welcome to build the Lego Wildflower Bouquet set
The wonderful artificial flowers will never wilt or need to be watered!
This building set can be combined with the Lego Icons Flower Bouquet (10280) to create one large bouquet or 2 different bouquets
Digital building instructions – The Lego Builder app features a digital version of the building instructions included with this set
Make a special and unique gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Easter, Get Well Soon, or just because
Box Contents:
1x Lego Icons 10313 Botanical Collection Wildflower Bouquet Set. Contains: 939 pieces. Please note, a vase is not included