Little Live Pets Chameleon interactive color change light up toy

Little Live Pets (Sunny) The Bright Light Chameleon with 30+ Sounds & Emotions, So Many Moods, Repeats Back, Beat Detection

Little Live Pets Chameleon Sunny is the perfect pet for kids who want a real-life lizard but are too afraid of the ones that slither around. Little Live Pets Bright Light Chameleon is an interactive, light-up toy that features in excess of 30 sounds and emotions.

Sunny is admirable with all her distinctive persona. This soft and squishy chameleon lights up in light green and giggles happily when she is cheerful, glows red when angry, glows blue and whimpers when she is sad or upset, and a whole lot more!

Little Live Pets Chameleon - Color Glow Little Live Pets Chameleon Sunny's Moods, functions & features

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When Sunny is feeling super happy, this vivid lizard will sing and glow with beautiful, rainbow lights! She loves it when you pat its head, feed her, talk to her, and react with different light-up emotions. This chameleon loves to sing! Sunny even has sticky sucker pad feet, so you can display your chameleon on many surfaces! Play your favorite music tunes and watch as she lights up to the beat of the song!

There are 2 ways to play!
Nurture Mode: Activated when you switch ON
Party Mode: Activated when you shake your chameleon.
You can pet Sunny to warm him up and feed him too by placing your finger in his mouth. Speak to Sunny softly and he’ll respond in a happy way, but shout and he’ll get angry!

Sunny the Bright Light Chameleon is packed full of cool features, play, and personality! Batteries are included, so Sunny arrives it’s ready to play. Suitable for all kids aged 5 and over.

WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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Little Live Pets Bright Light Chameleon - Color change, Out now ad

Product Features and Highlights

» With over 30+ sounds and emotions, Sunny looks, acts, and feels, just like a real chameleon!
» This Little Live Pets Chameleon is interactive, lights up, and changes color to different moods
» Sunny is a funny chameleon with a colorful personality who expresses herself through lights and funny sounds
» The soft and squishy chameleon that reacts to petting, feeding, and the sound of your voice when in Nurture Mode
» Sunny lights up and changes color to the beat and rhythm of the music when in Party Mode
» She gives you a happy reply when you speak to her in a friendly voice. Too loud, and Sunny gets scared!
» Gently stretch out Sunny’scurly tail and watch it spring back again, or wrap Sunny’s tail around your fingers
» It is packed full of personality and features and is designed for hours of endless play.
» Batteries are included so that Sunny arrives ready to play. Recommended for kids 5+