Magic Mixies Genie Lamp – Create Your Own Wish-Granting Genie!

Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp: A Magical Adventure for Kids

The Magic Mixies Genie Lamp is your ticket to a thrilling and enchanting adventure! Rub the lamp and watch as real magic happens before your eyes. With over 60 different lights, sounds, and reactions, this interactive toy is sure to captivate your child’s imagination. Inside the lamp, a pink Genie Mixie is waiting to be released.

Create a magic ring and unlock the secrets within to awaken the Genie. Once the Genie is summoned, your child can interact with it using the magic ring. The Genie can grant wishes, cast spells, and even speak in its own Mixie language. With the ability to reset the lamp and reveal the Genie again and again, the magic never ends. Let your child’s dreams come true with the Magic Mixies Genie Lamp!

Design and Quality

The Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp is beautifully designed with intricate details and a golden finish, giving it an authentic and mystical look. The lamp emits a cloud of real magical mist and its gem lights up, adding to the enchantment. The plush Genie Mixie toy is soft and cuddly, perfect for imaginative play. The lamp and toy are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
Magic Mixies Genie Lamp - Who will you magically create?

Features and Functionality


– Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp with interactive pink plush toy
– Rub the lamp to create a wish-granting Genie Mixie
– Unlock a magic ring that interacts with the Genie Mixie
– Real magic mist appears as the pink Genie Mixie rises from the lamp
– Over 60 lights, sounds, and reactions to discover
– Genie Mixie can grant wishes and cast spells
– Interactive toy with 3 modes of play: Wish Granting, Play, and Chat
– Tap the ring against the Mixie’s gem to make a wish
– Mixie responds in its own Mixie language
– Can be reset for repeated magic reveals


Once the Genie Mixie is created, kids can use the magic ring to interact with their new friends. The ring’s gem can be tapped against the Genie Mixie’s forehead to request wishes. The Genie Mixie responds in its own Mixie language and can be balanced on top of the ring or the lamp’s spout for added fun. The lamp can be reset, allowing kids to reveal the Genie Mixie again and again.
Magic Mixies Genie Lamp and the Magic Genie

Pros and Cons
of Magic Mixies Genie Lamp


– High-quality design and construction
– Interactive and engaging toy with over 60 sounds and reactions
– Real mist and light effects add to the magical experience
– Can create a magic ring and interact with the Genie Mixie
– Genie Mixie can grant wishes, cast spells, and chat in its own language
– Magic Mixies Genie Lamp can be reset and used multiple times for endless fun


– Batteries required (6x AA and 3x AG13 LR44)
– Mist refill pack sold separately

Tips and Tricks for Users

To ensure the best experience with the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp, here are a few tips and tricks:
– Follow the provided instructions carefully to create the Genie Mixie and use the magic ring.
– Encourage imaginative play by creating stories and adventures with the Genie Mixie.
– Use the lamp and Genie Mixie to engage in interactive play with other toys or siblings.




Q: How does the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp work?
A: The Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp works by rubbing the lamp to create a magical mist and activate the gem. Inside the lamp, there is a hidden magic ring. Once the ring is placed on your child’s finger and they say the magic words, a Genie Mixie plush toy magically rises from the lamp. The Genie Mixie can grant wishes, cast spells, and interact with the magic ring.

Q: What are the different modes of play with the Genie Mixie?
A: The Genie Mixie has three different modes of play – Wish Granting Mode, Play Mode, and Chat Mode. In Wish Granting Mode, your child can use the magic ring’s gem to make wishes, and the Genie Mixie will respond by granting or denying the wishes. In Play Mode, the Genie Mixie can engage in various interactive play activities. In Chat Mode, the Genie Mixie will chat and cast spells in its own Mixie language.

Q: Can the Genie Mixie interact with other objects?
A: Yes, the Genie Mixie can interact with other objects. It can be balanced on top of the Magic Ring or on the Magic Mixies Genie Lamp’s spout for additional fun. Additionally, kids can use the magic ring to interact with other items or objects at home. The Genie Mixie loves to play and interact with its surroundings.

Q: Can the magic mist feature be reset?
A: Yes, the Magic Mixies Genie Lamp can be reset, allowing you to perform the misting reveal from inside the lamp again and again. This means your child can experience the magic of revealing their Genie Mixie multiple times. Additionally, the lamp can be used to reveal other items or objects from the mist.

Q: Is there a refill pack available for the magical mist?
A: Yes, there is a Magical Mist Refill Pack available for the Genie Lamp. This refill pack can be purchased separately and provides over 80 mist reveals. It allows your child to continue experiencing the magic of the Genie Lamp and keep the excitement alive.
Kids having a fun time with Magic Mixies Genie Lamp and the magic mist

User Experiences and Testimonials

According to online reviews, the Magic Mixie Aladdin Lamp toy has received mixed feedback. Some reviewers mentioned that their children loved it as a birthday gift and enjoyed playing with it nonstop. They appreciated the interactive features of the Magic Mixies Genie Lamp, such as the lights, sounds, and mist. However, others found it a bit gimmicky and not worth the high price. They mentioned that it took some time to figure out how to use it and recommended watching a tutorial on YouTube before using it.

Some reviewers also mentioned that the toy was not as cuddly as other Magic Mixie toys and had a few glitches that required turning it off and on again. Overall, while some kids found it magical and entertaining, others felt that it lacked long-term interest and was better suited for young children who enjoyed fantasy toys.
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Full view of the Magic Mixies Genie Lamp pack


The Magic Mixies Genie Lamp is a truly magical toy that brings the wonder of real magic to life. With its interactive features, high-quality design, and endless possibilities for imaginative play, this toy is sure to be a hit with kids. While it requires batteries and the mist refill pack is sold separately, the overall experience and joy it brings make it a worthwhile investment. Let your child’s imagination soar with the Magic Mixies Genie Lamp!