Turning Red Panda Mei (96624) – Just Play Disney and Pixar

Just Play Disney and Pixar 16-inch Jumbo Plush Turning Red Panda Mei, (96624)

Turning Red Panda Mei is a 16-inch Jumbo Plush toy (from Just Play) with a whirlwind of emotions. Meilin Lee, the little girl, has a big secret: when she gets excited, she turns into a giant red panda – and causes pandemonium until she regains her composure.

This Red Panda Mei is a fun plush and Kids will make up delightfully exciting stories about this supersized cuddly 16-inch plush. She’s sure to be a wonderful prompt for conversations about feelings and emotions. Her sweet face, striped tail, white ears, and soft fabrics are sure to make this excitable red panda a treasured part of any child’s toy collection.

An excellent toy for imaginative role-plays and is sure to bring lots of giggles and warmhearted fun. This is ideal for kids and Pixar fans aged between 3 – 8 years!
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Product Features and Highlights

Turning Red Panda Mei ships in packaging that reveals what’s inside and cannot be hidden
Package Includes: 1 x 16-inch Red Panda Mei jumbo plush
Take part in a whirlwind of emotions with this Disney and Pixar jumbo plush toy
Use Red Panda Mei to help kids express emotions, create stories, and understand their many moods
Meilin Lee’s ability to calm herself down is a useful skill for young and old alike
Collect all the Turning Red toys for creative storytelling, inspired play, and pure pandemonium
Detailed plush sculpting, Embroidered features, Super soft, Furry eyebrows, Striped tail
Experience a range of emotions from calm to excitement. Skill level: beginner.