VTech JotBot Drawing Robot

VTech JotBot The Smart Drawing Robot: A Perfect Gift for Artistic Kids

The VTech JotBot is an interactive robot toy that combines drawing, problem-solving, and coding activities to boost creativity and imaginative play in children aged 4 years and above. This smart drawing robot comes with 280+ drawing, problem-solving, and coding activities, providing endless hours of artistic excitement and interactive fun. With its friendly animated face, multiple sound effects, and singing abilities, JotBot is not just a drawing buddy but also a delightful companion for young artists.

VTech JotBot

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Design and Quality

JotBot Smart Drawing Robot by VTech is designed to be user-friendly and durable. It comes with a backpack where you can insert one of the 15 double-sided drawing chips. The robot is compatible with A3 and A4 paper, allowing kids to explore their creativity on different canvas sizes. The included felt tip pen is child-friendly and washable. The overall build quality of the JotBot is excellent, ensuring it can withstand the playtime adventures of young artists.
Draw and Learn : Give JotBot a pen and away it goes! Insert any of the double-sided chips and watch as this friendly robot draws letters or pictures, playing music as it works.

Features and Functionality


– VTech JotBot is a smart drawing robot that encourages creativity and problem-solving in children.
– It comes with 280+ drawing, problem-solving, and coding activities to keep children engaged and entertained.
– The drawing chips feature letters and pictures that JotBot can draw, and children can add artistic flourishes to the pictures.
– The robot offers guided activities such as solving mazes, drawing the other half of pictures, and connecting the dots.

– Children can find drawing codes in the included Guidebook and program JotBot to auto-draw built-in pictures or their own designs.
– JotBot is intended for children aged 4+ years and requires 4 AA batteries (included for demo purposes, new batteries recommended for regular use).
– The robot has an animated face and multiple sound phrases, making it even more engaging for children.

– It is an ideal gift for children, providing hours of artistic excitement and interactive fun.
– VTech JotBot works with most pens and pencils and is compatible with A3 and A4 paper.
– The package includes 15 double-sided drawing chips, a child-friendly felt tip pen, a storage box, a Guidebook, and a Quick Start Guide.


VTech JotBot offers multiple art activities to boost creativity and independent play. Kids can engage in activities like Draw Together, Draw-a-Story, Connect the Dots, and Maze mode. The robot draws objects from the double-sided chips, giving children a visual representation of the drawing process. Additionally, the JotBot can be coded using draw codes found in the Guidebook. By entering directional codes on the arrow keys, kids can program JotBot to draw their own designs, fostering artistic and spatial awareness skills.
Back view of the VTech JotBot

Pros and Cons
of VTech JotBot


– Offers 280+ drawing, problem-solving, and coding activities
– Interactive and engaging activities to boost creativity
– Can draw letters, pictures, and custom designs
– Easy-to-use coding system for programming custom drawings
– Has an adorable animated face and multiple fun sound phrases
– Encourages creativity and independent play
– Comes with a felt-tip pen and blank drawing chips for saving designs
– Can draw on both A3 and A4 paper
– Durable build quality for long-lasting playtime


– Limited to the drawing chips provided (no option for freehand drawing)
– May not offer enough variety for older children or advanced artists
15 Double-sided drawing chips


Q: What can JotBot draw?
A: VTech JotBot can draw letters and pictures using the double-sided drawing chips. It has a built-in library of 280+ images to choose from.

Q: How does JotBot work?
A: Simply insert one of the double-sided drawing chips into JotBot’s backpack, give it a pen or pencil, and watch as it draws the image on the chip. You can also code JotBot using the directional buttons on its head to create your own drawings.

Q: What other activities can VTech JotBot do?
A: JotBot offers a variety of activities to boost creativity and problem-solving skills. You can solve mazes, draw the other half of pictures, connect the dots, and more. The included guidebook also provides drawing codes for JotBot to auto-draw built-in pictures.

Q: Can VTech JotBot draw on any paper?
A: JotBot can draw on A3 and A4 paper. It also includes a child-friendly felt tip pen, but it can draw with most pens or pencils.
Creative Coding - There's more to draw! Use the included guidebook to code more

User Experiences and Testimonials

This toy has received mixed reviews from users. On the positive side, it actually works and does a good job drawing pictures. The drawings can be used as coloring pages, making them educational and fun for preschool and kindergarten children. VTech JotBot uses a standard felt tip marker, which is easy to replace. It also sings a song and plays music while drawing, although some people find the repetitive words and music annoying.

The toy is interactive and cute, appealing to children. However, there are some drawbacks. It takes a while to draw each picture, which can be frustrating for impatient kids. It also uses a full sheet of paper for each drawing, leading to a lot of paper usage. The regular washable marker can easily create a mess if not used responsibly. Proper placement of the robot is important to avoid ruining the picture, and the toy contains many small pieces that could easily be lost. Overall, it is a cool toy, but it has its limitations.
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VTech JotBot Smart Drawing Robot box


In conclusion, the VTech JotBot is an ideal gift for children who love to draw and explore their creativity. It offers a wide range of drawing, problem-solving, and coding activities, providing endless hours of interactive fun. With its user-friendly design, durable build quality, and engaging features, JotBot is a perfect companion for young artists. Let your child’s imagination soar with the VTech JotBot – the smart drawing robot.