Zoomer Playful Pup Interactive Puppy Robot

Responsive Robotic Dog Zoomer Playful Pup

The Zoomer Playful Pup is an interactive dog that responds to your touch with cute barks! Give your zoomer pet, snuggles, cuddles, and belly rubs and he will “woof” in delight! It also responds to voice.

Last update was on: May 21, 2024 5:13 am

Using advanced voice recognition technology, kids can name their pup and teach it to perform more than 25 adorable tricks, such as lie down, beg, and more. Give your new best friend a unique name and this pup will come whenever you call! It also responds if you ask it if it needs to go potty!

Playful pup walks, bounces, pounces, and plays! Teach your puppy some tricks, like: sit, play dead; shake a paw; take a bow; and rollover. Full of affection, there’s nothing this pup loves more than cuddles and snuggles! Pet your pup and you’ll hear happy doggy sounds. Rub Playful Pup’s belly and you’ll hear “I Ruv Roo!” Stop petting and this lovable pup will whimper – just what a real dog does.

As you get to know Playful Pup’s big personality, you’ll discover everything your dog can do! With fuzzy ears, a floppy tongue, and a wiggly tail Playful Pup is full of life and ready to scamper alongside you!

This Zoomer Playful Pup Robot toy is so much fun to play with!!! It is made so well and the quality of the toy is just great. It is not a toy that is going to fall apart fast and giving problems & errors. The toy well worth the value.

If you pet its head, it responds too as well as when you pet its belly and chest! It has 4 different modes. Normal, Voice Command, Cuddle, and Special Voice Command. It’s super easy to figure out what it can do and provides hours of fun!!!

This toy is a lot of fun for the whole family, not just the kids! If you want a fun robotic toy that your kids are going to adore, zoomer playful pup would be the right choice!

Zoomer Chimp is another Robotic pet toy from Zoomer, which came out in 2016. Playful Pub is more advanced and more realistic.

Zoomer Playful Pup is a great interactive toy but in 2020 the New release Squeakee Balloon Robot Dog is increasingly getting very popular and will be on the bestseller list this Christmas.
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Zoomer Playful Pup Features

Touch Response: It responds to your touch! Give your pet, snuggles, cuddles, and belly rubs and he will woof in delight!
Voice Response: It uses advanced voice recognition technology. Give your new best friend a unique name and he will come when you call!
Zoomer Playful Pup Interactive Robot Puppy
Can learn and perform 25 + tricks: Teach him tricks to Sit, Shake a paw, Beg, Play dead, Rollover, Bark, Wag his tail, and much more…
Playful Pup makes an excellent gift for boys and girls age 5 and up
Comes with USB charging cable.

Last update was on: May 21, 2024 5:13 am