Monster Jam Megalodon Car Wash Interactive Water Play

Spin Master Monster Jam 1:64 Megalodon Car Wash Playset with Color-Changing Megalodon Monster Truck

Monster Jam Megalodon Car Wash is a multi-stage track and car wash toy, complete with a special color-changing Megalodon 1:64 scale monster truck. This complete Megalodon Monster Wash Playset for your monster truck includes a spin cycle, brush conveyor belt, and turning platform. It is complete with an exit ramp. Players control all the action via cranks, knobs, and gears for hands-on play. You can even get your truck dirty again, thanks to the Megalodon truck’s color-changing mechanic!

The Megalodon Monster Wash is the cleanest way to get dirty! The mega-sized Monster Jam truck wash is over 3 feet long and takes your compatible Monster Jam trucks from dirty to clean and then lets you do it all over again.

Stage one of the process is a crank-operated spin cycle loop, which should be filled with warm water to make the truck change colors and appear clean.
Step two is a conveyor belt with spinning brushes and gears, controlled via a knob.
The third and final stage is a rotating platform where you can either ride off the exit display ramp or plunge back into the mud pit filled with ice-cold water to get “dirty” again and repeat the process!

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Featuring color-changing memory hold technology, power washer, working conveyer belt, spinning brushes, and spin to dry action – just like a real car wash! Includes an exclusive color-changing Megalodon die-cast monster truck in 1:64 scale! Roll Megalodon up the ramp and dive into the Power Wash.

Close the Power Wash and spin for a wet and wild wash cycle! Watch as your Megalodon Monster Truck color changes and reveal a slick clean deco beneath the surface! Dunk your color-changing Megalodon in warm water and watch the dirt stains fade away. Splash with ice-cold water to turn it dirty again! Roll along the working conveyor belt and through the spinning brushes for some scrubbing action.

Time to show off that deep-sea deco! With two ways to exit, you can choose to dive into the Dirt Donut Bowl and get dirty again, or race down the slide to show off your Megalodon style! The Megalodon Monster Wash Playset is packed with so many interactive ways to play! It’s compatible with any 1:64 Monster Jam truck!

This set is absolutely fun, ideal for any car-enthused child aged 3-5 years old! Adult supervision is recommended for assembly. The playset is one of the popular toys for holiday, Christmas, birthday gifts.
Includes: 1:64 Megalodon Truck, 1 On-Ramp, 1 Warm Water Tank, 2 Large Supports, 1 Conveyor Belt, 4 Beams, 1 Brush Unit, 2 Brushes, 1 Sign, 1 Cold Water Tray, 1 Spinning Dryer, 1 Stop Light, 1 Acetate Wall, 1 Small Support, 1 Down Ramp, 1 Sticker Sheet, 1 Instruction Sheet
Megalodon Monster Wash Playset - Full view of the set
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Features and Highlights of Monster Jam Megalodon Car Wash

• The mega-sized, Megalodon Monster Wash is over 3 feet long
• Features spinning brushes and spin to dry action – just like a real car wash! Get dirty, wash, and repeat!
• Roll Megalodon up the ramp and into the power wash for a wet and wild cycle!
• Crank the monster truck through spinning brushes, and dive back into the dirt donut bowl in Monster Jam style!
• Dunk the exclusive die-cast color-changing Megalodon in warm water and watch the dirt stains fade away!
• Splash with cold water to turn it dirty again!
• For more color-changing action, this Car Wash is compatible with any 1:64 color change Monster Jam truck!
• Collect the entire Monster Jam 1:64 Dirty to Clean line (sold separately).
• Car toys are on the wanted list for toys for boys girls adults alike!